Don’t Be Stupid Y’all:

“Fahrenheit 9/11” topped the box office this weekend. I know many who have seen it, as have I.

All of us in porn know that with selective editing we can pretty much make a documentary say whatever we want it to, right Belladonna? I’m not a Big Bush supporter as you all know but don’t think for even a second that Mr Moore doesn’t have an agenda he is pushing with this particular work.

Matter of fact I’d put his credibility about the same place I’d put Bush’s. It’s a movie people, remember that.

Has Citizenship Mellowed Out Quaz?

He Writes:

— I just wanted to let you know that I am now an official bona-fide American, not a “Canadian-American” but the actual genuine article. I wonder why I’m so proud to have this new title and yet “Mexican-Americans, African-Americans”, “Korean-Americans” etc don’t seem to get it at all. Bring forth some of that Southern wisdom of yours and explain to me why this is so. The reason I even bring it up is because I overheard the following exchange amongst Mother and son after the swearing-in ceremony I attended on Friday…

Mother – “You’re an American now!!!”
Son – “Fuck that!! I’m Mexican American mama”

I would just like to reiterate for the record that I am an “American-American” now.

Kudos on your assessment of the criminal element lurking within the industry. The nefarious and the truly evil among us profit handsomely from their misogyny cloaked in constitutional protection and you and I both know who these people are.

May all the fish you catch be mercury-free.


Damn not one comment about being misshapen or a hillbilly! He even implies that I am wise…..I always knew he’d come around. Welcome to America and we are glad to have ya as one of our own. You are a productive member of society and you aren’t here to suckle the public teat.

As to hyphenated americanism, I blame this whole Democratic vision of putting everyone into groups. No emphasis on individuality only on your group as a whole…It doesn’t take a village….it takes a responsible individual but I am digressing.

If people want equality they must stop thinking of themselves as being inferior (or superior) because they belong to some “group”, they must take responsibility for thier own lives and stop laying it on the doorstep of thier group identity.

I bet Quaz is gonna be a regular at the polls too…something far to few Americans do. You deserve your citizenship Mike! Glad to have ya Bro!

As for my fish we always throw back the species (like King Mackeral) that tend to get concentrations of Mercury.

Not Everyone Hates Me Though:

I want to take the time to tell you about a WONDERFUL FRIEND I have made. You guys get to see the finished product of what Mike can create. I am going to tell you he is more than that. He has an endless supply of knowledge of this industry and contacts. I spoke with Mike on the phone just a little while ago and told him something I want you all to know. Mike is the one person I credit for my success so far here in this biz. I call him all the time just to ask what he thinks before making a decision in this biz. He tells me his opinion and Most of the time I follow it.I trust that he wont put me into a dangerous place when he recomends me to shoot with someone and he has taught me alot. He and the guys he shoots with are great. I know this is more of a rambling but, I think you should know that in my opinion he is the Greatest. Thank You Mike South for everything you have done and I hope that we will continue to work together. Thanks for taking my calls while your fishing and during the middle of shoots. THANK YOU!


Aw shucks…tis nuthin really 🙂

JKP and a Net Loss of Almost 10 Million Dollars:

At least thats what the filing with the SEC says but boy is it an interesting read, And why is Mike Koretsky of IVD into JKP to the tune of at least 250,000.00? Bad Investment I guess.

But take a look at the salaries, now theres an interesting story….and look at who they are paying for what.

And remember a while back when JKP bought that Strip club in NY for 3 million dollars, sayoing it was “for our shareholders”? I don’t see that in there anyplace?

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Don’t Be Stupid Y’all:

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