Does Metro Discriminate against Black Folks?

Roger T Pipe kicked off a shitstorm of controversy over on his site and on RAME when he posted that Ryan Conner had told her that someone highly ranked at Metro had told her not to do interracial. This led a few vocal folks to start chest beating over on RAME with one fellow to go so far as suggest that the justice department should investigate and charge any actress in porn who refuses to work with Black guys. I can just picture Ashecroft doing this….But it makes for a fun read.

Enter Metro Publicist Harry Weiss, he called me on Friday, asking who the fuck this Roger T Pipe guy is? ( Haryy actually knows Roger, he just wanted to make a point) Harry pointed out that he felt like Rog was “full of shit” stating that ” Number one Metro hasn’t hired Ryan Conner in a long time and number two have NO plans of doing so.” Then Harry points out that Metro has an interracial series, making it ludicrous to imply or state that Metro doesn’t “do interracial”.

Rog has been invited to respond.

And he does:


Just to be clear….I posted this…
” Sources say that Ryan Conner is now refusing to work with black men on director advice/orders from someone at Metro home video. Fresh off her blistering performance with Lexington Steele in “Lex the Impaler” Ryan is said to have turned down a number of a scenes due to the racial mix involved. ”

The words “highly ranked” did not come from my story. I said “someone at”…I think that is an important distinction to make.

I am glad that Harry responded to someone. If I’m full of shit, all he had to do was call or email me. I’m not hard to find. If he thinks the story is “full of shit” he should have said that. No need to make it personal. I’m just going by what sources tell me. The implication was that if Ryan wanted to work for Metro, presumably in features, that she needed to stop doing IR scenes. If Harry is confident that no one who works for or with Metro could possibly have said this to Ryan, then I’ll happily put that on record. I don’t see that denial in his reply.
Note also, I didn’t say that Metro doesn’t do interracial. Look up again at what I posted and respond only to what I reported, not the additional baggage other idiots have piled on.

Thanks for the chance to respond Mike.


2990cookie-checkDoes Metro Discriminate against Black Folks?

Does Metro Discriminate against Black Folks?

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