Dirty D Continued

This is the original email I got on this back in early June of 2009


As we get more information slowly about the HIV case, what I find even more disturbing in all of this is how outraged the industry is and how many people are scared of the impact it will have on the way they conduct business. What disgusts me is how so many people right now are talking about solutions and ramifications if California gets involved yet I fail to see where this same outrage was when Dirty D was exposed for shooting Kelsie Cummings when she was only 17 years old. To me that says a lot about the porn industry in general that people are more concerned of who patient zero is than they were when Dirty D even admitted on Gene Ross’ site that he filmed Kelsie. Talks on GFY about there always being bottom feeders etc… is ridiculous. Where is the same outrage from these same people then? Surely an established self claimed millionaire shooting an underage girl can cause more damage to your industry than a girl who tested positive. After all, 2257 became law because of an underage Traci Lords. As far as I know, there is no mandatory testing law on the books. Yet which story gets more play and outrage?

Which leads me to what I have always believed. No one wants to bite the hand that feeds them. Dirty D runs a successful program that makes people some money. Yet, where was the outrage when Kelsie referred in her email that Dirty D refused to show her his tests and said they were “on file” and then made her film shit with scumbags pulled right off the streets? Why does Dirty D get a pass but every single person wants to know the identity of this director who knowingly allegedly shot without the test?

The sad thing in this whole situation is the amount of support Dirty D got from other webmasters who continually vouched for him. I just find it ironic that your industry is up in arms about this case and the morons at AIM but no one gave a fuck when the Kelsie-Dirty D story broke. Child porn did nothing to get the industry’s attention but let talent test positive and suddenly everyone is tuned in to every single shread of information that comes out. What’s really sad is that everyone wants names so they can hang those involved out to dry but not one of them did the right thing with Dirty D. Why is that?

There is a reason why the porn industry will always have a target on its back and its because most of the porn priority is seriously fucked up. Its almost like everyone sticks there heads in the sand and only see what they want to see. From what I understand, you have spoken to Kelsie in email and she told you her side of the story and I have not seen one word on your site about it. I have always respected you Mike and your journalistic ability. I understand the potential ramifications should you actually cover the story but I ask you one thing, if the truth is what you care about, do you not owe it to Kelsie and your readers to make sure the industry is aware of the shit Dirty D pulled with the same passion you are on the AIM fuck up? Please step up and be the exception to the morons that only care about the money they make and help raise awareness to actions that have exposed a lot of innocent webmasters who pimped his product when her content was on his site for almost a full year until he yanked it after he was exposed. You have always been fair in your reporting and a blessing that someone in porn has a fucking brain.

If it helps indeminfy you from any legal situations, you can reprint my email on your site with a full disclaimer that these are my words and my words alone and should Michael Storm wish to bring about a lawsuit, I will accept all responsibility as the sole representing party. It’s no defamation when it is the truth. And don’t think I won’t pull Kelsie in there to tell of the shit that occurred for a jury to see.

Please do the right thing Mike.


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Dirty D Continued

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