Debbie Thinks Devin Lane Is A Peach, And I Agree:

Dear Mike,

I certainly agree with everything that you said about Serenity. Just wanted to mention Devinn Lane who has also been an incredible asset to Wicked Pictures. Devinn is always on time, dressed appropriately, and acts professionally. There has never been any hint of any kind of substance abuse on her part, either.

I traveled with Devinn as her roadie on several occasions. Gentlemen’s clubs love her because her stage shows are terrific and because she doesn’t require a babysitter to get to her shows on time. Devinn, also, genuinely appreciates her fans and enjoys spending time with them. As her career has successfully evolved into directing her own line for Wicked and her on series on Playboy TV, Devinn has never acted like a prima donna.

Thanks for the excellent web site. I read you daily.


Thanks Debbie, I think you are right I have never heard anything bad about Devinn, but then I don’t hear much at all about Devinn. Is it just me or is Wicked not pushig their contract girls the way they once did?

The Testical Festival:

Mere words cannot adequately describe this one. Just Damn!


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Debbie Thinks Devin Lane Is A Peach, And I Agree:

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