Dear Mike

I am a middle aged overweight jovial Jew, something like yourself! Ever since I stopped using drugs not only has my mind grown dim but my hard-on has diminished, what do you recommend being the star you are(LOL). Mr. Softee

Hmmm a middle aged, overweight, jovial jew? are you sure you aren’t Ron Jeremy? No probably not Ronnies hard on has diminished about as much as his appetite. If you think you are a lot like me then your mind has indeed grown dim. For that I recommend Ginko Biloba, Not that it has helped me but 100 zillion chinese can’t be wrong. As for your diminished hard on, nothing cures a diminished hard on like a hot, nasty long, lean stripper type chick! So go find us some.

Dear Mike,

Do you remember the precise moment you decided to cross over from porn viewer to porn performer? I mean you certainly lack the charisma of a Ron Jeremy or the charm of a Max Hardcore and yet you seem to have managed to carve out a nice little niche for your self in this industry. What was your epiphany like?


Gee, Curious sounds a lot like Goddess but I will bite. I was at the CES show and I commented to Ed Powers about the low quality and lack of anything redeeming in his videos and he said “If you think you can do better do it”. Viola! To some degree I now at least understand what he meant, which was, if you think you can do better on a budget that wouldn’t pay for lunch on a B Movie set do it.

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Dear Mike

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