Dear Industry Power Houses (from rec.arts.movies.erotica):

I must be going through one of my periodic disenchantments with the industry which began, I must admit, way back when when all the starlets became suddenly blonde, surgically enhanced, tattooed, shaved and body and tongue pierced. Well, let’er rip.

Dear John Stagliano,

You were my first real hero. I have no idea what’s going on with you now. You put out the most self indulgent videos on the market. And, following a girl around with the camera low on a clothed ass gets a little stale after about twenty minutes. And what is with getting
them naked and then dressing them again?

Dear Seymour Butts,

My second hero. Now, nobody gives a shit about your personal life (whining on camera is pathetic) or about your Tushy Girl magazine
shoots. Whatever happend to heterosexual fucking?

Dear Patrick Collins,

I think you lost interest in the subject a long time ago. You would not be where you are now without Stagliano.

Dear Rob Black,

Different is not always better. In your case it has never been so. You haven’t put out a decent flick since before Mynx and Van Damage
left. What is with all that camera wobble, dim focus, black and white interspertions and silly camera angles. I don’t think you like women
very much.

Dear Randy West,

You’re getting too old for this. And, you could stand a whole lot of sit-ups. Your interviews are too long, corney and it takes you too
long to get her clothes off.

Dear Joey Silvera,

You were too old for this ten years ago. At least John Leslie (your acting contemporary) had the good sense to get on the other side of
the camera and stay there a long time ago.

Dear Christophe Clark,

Ditto on the age. Besides, you’ve always had an ugly dick.

Dear Rocco Siffredi,

Why is it that you used to make good videos when you were directed by Stagliano and now you don’t. Gagging a girl with your dick over and over gets stale after about two times.

Dear Vince Voyeur,

You could’a been a contender. Just think of it! VoyeurVision Inc. You blew it! You ask your girls really dumb questions and follow up
with dumber remarks. You also get a girl naked and then put them in some dumb Anabolic blindfold and t-shirt and then just pull the panty crotch aside. Hey, we wouldn’t want to see the face, breasts or pussy, would we? What ever happened to scene transitions? Here we have a guy doing a girl in the missionary position and then he is up her ass in a doggy. How did he get there? Oh, oh, it’s a different
guy! Where did he come from? I don’t think you like women either.

Dear Ed Powers,

I have no idea why anybody has bought one of your videos since Dirty Debutantes 10. At least they had decent looking girls and you
featured other male performers. It is beyond me that anyone would think an old white whale fucking a plain, skinny, third world chick in
the missionary position is fun to watch.

Respectfully yours,


I get the feeling it’s a good thing I’m not on Hedonisius radar.

3990cookie-checkDear Industry Power Houses (from rec.arts.movies.erotica):

Dear Industry Power Houses (from rec.arts.movies.erotica):

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