David Aaron Clark Takes me To The Woodshed:

Guess you’re getting senile, dear fellow, because when mentioning the bloggers (term didn’t exist then, of course) on the old avninsider.com, in making your point about the quality of contributions there, you very conveniently skipped over the regular columns by both myself & Ron “Henri Pachard” Sullivan. Though we might have once in awhile referenced our own work in context of discussing the industry, neither of us pimped &/or shilled for ANY project we were involved with.  In fact, I made a LOT of enemies, including a wildly successful but megolomaniacal short-statured gonzo king, because I was very direct & biting in some of my criticisms of the state of the industry & the art.
I agree that after a decent start Lex’s occassional contributions were a bit, ah, one-note-Johnny to the point of self-parody, & several of the other bloggers were forgettable. But ya’ll ain’t exactly Shakespeare every time you post, neither, son!
Don’t they got some vita-meens these days for us oldsters what can’t ‘member nuthin’ no more? Renko Balboa, I believes. Next time I’m pushin’ my walker down the aisle at the big-box store, I’ll see if I can’t pick ya up some!

David Aaron Clark

Ya know what, David is RIGHT, I actually remember writing that him and Ron Sullivan were the only good writers on that site and I did forget them, probably because everything else was so dreadful. But as you can see from this email David is a damn fine writer, as is Ron Sullivan. Either of them may write here anytime.

22070cookie-checkDavid Aaron Clark Takes me To The Woodshed:

David Aaron Clark Takes me To The Woodshed:

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