Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Dead:

Got a stingray Barb to the chest.

Costumes, Geeks and Money:

Dragon Con was HUGE. Probably closer to 30-35,000 attendees as opposed to the 50,000 reported in some of the local media but thats a shitload of people however you look at it.

Our seminars were well attended and they were very successful.Thanks to AEBN for hooking that up for me!

One thing for sure about dragon con…The sotumes are the big thing and LOTS of them are extraordinarily well done and in most cases sexy, This is a thing that just screamed fetish to me.

Speaking Of AEBN:

Word I get is that they dropped Digital Playground titles from their site, Digital wanted more than AEBN HWMIC, Scott Coffman wanted to pay.

BT Writes:


I always find it interesting, and a little sad, when we see behind the porn curtain.

Asia Carrera was a case in point. In her porn character, she bragged about her financial prowess. When her husband passed away, we learned that she’d blown it all on tech stocks and online gambling.

Haley Paige is another. No, she’s never achieved Jenna, Tera or Carmen status. But hey, she’s played opposite Janine and Carmen in big pictures and has one of those so-called director deals. Press releases on AVN breathlessly talk about what a complete whore she is and how there’s nothing more she loves than hot nasty perverted sex.

Then, we see an affadavit that describes her as living in a 600 sq ft apartment with a husband who married her for a green card and that she’s addicted to the pain killers she takes to numb her body so she can perform the acts expected of her in porn.

It’s a little pathetic.

Indeed, and if most fans had idea idea just how most of the girls in this biz live they wouldn’t be fans very long. In many ways performers in porn are more fucked up than they ever have been, few treat it as a job and far too many are doing it for the wrong reasons. The revolving door of talent in the L.A. Talent pool seems to be RPM redlining.

I see that Trinity James Project Blowing Up:

She has been communicating with me for a couple of weeks, promised me her side of the story but I never got anything of substance. She made noise about returning to porn, in my opinion that would be a mistake, just as it was the first time.


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Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Dead:

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