Come On AVN, At Least get It Right:

In the current issue of AVN, the article about female owned companies they have two glaring mistakes in Tera Patrick’s Bio and others all throughout the article itself.

For starters it’s now well known that Tera was never an RN. Period, Ok that little tidbit has been repeated enough that I could give ya that…but listing her as 2002 Penthouse Pet of the Year? You can look that up really quick.

Tera wasn’t Penthouse Pet of the Year ever 2001 was Zdenka 2002 was Megan Mason and 2003 was Sunny Leone. That took me less than 60 seconds to find.

The problem with doing shit like this is that people read it, find out its wrong then discount the rest of what you say.

It was a nice fluff piece and Tera is a pretty girl but that’s no reason to make glaring mistakes.

Layne Thrasher Getting a Bum Rap? Does Luke have An Agenda?:

Mark Writes:

A very well informed birdie just informed me of a mitigating piece of info…

Layne recently fired someone from DHD who then went to work for
whom you happen to know as Holly’s mom…
who happens to be Luke Ford’s former squeeze…
whom he still happens to have an incredible crush over…
of which he writes about incessantly every day…
to which he admits that his Alexa’s have suffered as a result…

Now… if that isn’t an ulterior motive to bad mouth and trash talk Layne, I’ll spit.

So…….. this entire verbal melee appears to be much more than the surface has thus far allowed us to see. lol It is obviously much more than a simple banning from a party, that’s for sure!

18600cookie-checkCome On AVN, At Least get It Right:

Come On AVN, At Least get It Right:

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