Chloe Jones isn’t Dead As Reported by a Lesser Site:

She is escorting in Texas this week.

AVN Might be Playing Dead on the .XXX Isuue but the FSC is NOT:


Tom Hymes
Communications Director
Free Speech Coalition
(818) 348-9373
[email protected]

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – In light of the recent decision by ICANN to provisionally approve the .XXX top-level domain (tld) application by ICM Registry, the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), the trade organization of the adult entertainment industry, is reiterating its opposition to the implementation of such a tld.

The decision by FSC to publicly restate a position it took following a vote of the Board of Directors last year, is being taken to clear up any doubt within the adult entertainment industry as to its past, current and future position regarding .XXX, and also to clarify vague statements made on the ICM Registry website, and by Jason Hendales, vice president of strategic business development for ICM Registry, to the effect that, “It took us three years to get the support of the industry and the free speech groups.”

To clarify, the Free Speech Coalition has never, does not now, and will not support a .XXX tld, voluntary or otherwise. It believes that the implementation of such a tld will create a likely “ghettoization” effect that will not only be counter-productive to the best interests of the adult entertainment industry while providing no countervailing protection to children, but may also raise other potential legal problems which would be avoided by following the United States Supreme Court’s suggestion and relying on, or even a new .kids tld to protect our children on the Internet.

Free Speech Coalition is the trade organization of the adult entertainment industry. Its mission is to safeguard the industry from oppressive governmental regulation and to promote good business practices within the industry.

# # #
I see someone has been reading my site! The .kids TLD is the RIGHT way to accomplish this goal

ASACP Took the Money and Ran:

ASACP, porn’s child pornography wtach dog organization sold out. They took the money from ICMRegistry to sell us out. Never mind that .XXX may actually do more harm than good both in terms of the adult industry and in terms of protecting your children online.

So ASACP exposed it’s real agenda…money. Shame on them.

BT Sends Another Great Youngstown Tale:

There are so many good Youngstown stories.

ATF once busted a bunch of mob knuckleheads selling automatic weapons and silencers from the parking lot owned by “John Doe”, the local parties County Chairman.

Meanwhile, the Feds raided his farm out in the country, where they found a stolen yacht in his barn — apparently payment from a client. Feds wanted to interview his secretary about it, so he married her and claimed spousal privilege.

Or this one (“John Doe”, one of my favorite Youngstown characters, once took me to a strip club for a luncheon interview when I was doing a story on a local Congressman). Doe, apparently with one too many under his belt fails to make a sharp left hand turn, plows over a sidewalk and into the plateglass window in the front of the downtown Post Office. Gets out of his car, walks across the street to the nearest bar, drinks two doubles in a row, then calls the police to report the accident. Police say they want to do a blood alcohol, to which he submits, after reminding them that an entire bar watched him down two doubles in a row, he was so upset.

Don’t even get me started on former sheriff and congressman Jim Trafficant stories, our version of Buford Pusser. Writing about those guys and mobsters are some of my fondest professional memories.

OK BT There’s a book in you no doubt. That’s such a great pair of stories.

15470cookie-checkChloe Jones isn’t Dead As Reported by a Lesser Site:

Chloe Jones isn’t Dead As Reported by a Lesser Site:

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