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“Congratulations on your new site. It has many pretty pictures the likes of which I never got to see on the previous site I used to write for, Speaking of whom, although there were (many)days when I wrote most of what was posted, Luke NEVER ONCE offered to pay me in ANY way, as by pimping for me, on those occasions when I visited his city (most recently this week). If I write for you will you at least fix me up with some disease-free porn stars on my next trip to Atlanta? A recent certificate from the CDC in Atlanta would suffice as proof of the healthy physical state of any such lucky woman. (I do not really care what their mental state is, as it very likely would change after a few hours with me anyway.) I promise not to visit too often if you do. And I promise the lucky lady an education in the written and oral law of my ancestors.

You mention that you do not want your site to focus on Torah or (I assume) related jewish issues, such as our current communal control over the Federal Reserve system, the news media, Hollywood, television, investment banking, medicine, the law etc. Fair enough – these are very controversial topics best handled by jews like Luke or Dennis Praeger on a Jewish-run web site. But there are other issues of great import that we could discuss here. For example, are you willing to use your site to educate the white race of the menace posed by unchecked immigration from third world lands into the West? This impending doom was predicted by the great British statesman Enoch Powell over thirty years ago in his “Rivers of Blood” speech, and is the core idea in Patrick Buchanan’s new best seller on the fall of the West. (So you see, we
can discuss it without making any reference to Luke’s political mentor, Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance.)

As a purveyor of smut, you have the power to attract many white men to your web site. Why not use it constructively, and clang the Tocsin of Truth? The hour grows late, and the Saracen draws ever closer
…..Chaim Amalek, et al.”

Wouldn’t it be funny if Chaim really isn’t a jew after all? Why did I post this? I’m glad you asked, just look at all the great keywords he added to my site for the spiders to find! Soon someone is going to go to google or yahoo and search on Enoch Powell and “POOF” my site will come up! To answer your question, come on down Chaim we love jews down here and not only is the air here free…it’s clean, a refreshing change from Manhatten I assure you. We got some pornchicks here that I would not only hook you up with I would insist you take them back home with ya. Now where is Amber Sexxxum’s number.

800cookie-checkChaim Amalek sends the following:

Chaim Amalek sends the following:

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