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Geez, Mike. This really is one of those, one the one hand …. on the other hand.

On the one hand, it seems an incredibly entreprenuerial American thing to do. You gotta admire their marketing imagination.

On the other hand, yes, it just seems to be inviting all kinds of trouble. But, while I agree with you that Congress would, or will, try to legislate against this, it strikes me as a completely legal thing to do. The product, afterall, is legal. Do you know: are there any laws against telemarketing booze or cigarettes? Or has no one bothered to try it? That would be interesting to know.

Besides that, every time the industry does something incredibly stupid that seems to invite a government crackdown, not much happens. Porn seems to have survived Traci Lords, the Meese Commission, Gonzo, choking, spitting, double anal, HIV scares and Rob Black. I’m guessing it’ll survive telemarketing.


I have looked and I cannot find any federal legislation prohibiting telephone sales of alcohol or cigarettes. It appears to be one of those things that alcohol and tobacco companies have better sense than to do. With tax stamps and whatnot it is also a bit of a logistical night mare as well I would think.

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