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Mike – You sure stirred up a hornet’s nest with the agent’s association.
There is no explaining why I’m fascinated by the business of the porn business, but I am. In that vein, a couple of things have caught my eye.
How glamorous will porn seem if rates are coming down? I was struck by a couple of random things – Ginger Lynn (or, as she likes to say Ginger Fucking Lynn) reduced to drinking her on pee on RudeTV. Ashlyn Gere was one of the early cross-over artists, and like Ginger, a bona fide star. She and her husband are running a Molly The Maid franchise in Midland, Texas. Have you ever been to Midland? Hey, at least she has a legitimate job and business.
Forget Max and the feds. I think your real nemesis could be CalOSHA or the Dept. of Health. I’m amazed that neither has tried to regulate the industry. And, hell, let’s face it, they could. No health care facility – heck, no health club – would be allowed to stay in business if it’s nurses or doctors came into repeated contact with semen, vaginal fluids, urine (or whatever the hell squirt really is) or the potential of fecal matter from A2M. I know there’s someone out there who will pay for a fetish involving dental dams, latex gloves and protective eye wear, but it ain’t me. I’ll bet you this is a court fight that the regulators could win: We’re not going to stop you from expressing your sexuality, but we can regulate the working environment of your employees.

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