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So, here’s an interesting way to look at the economics of porn for the performers (and their futures).

Porn stars create this myth of how glamourous the industry is and how much money their is to be made, yada, yada, yada.

Penthouse buys DaniAshe for $3 million. Ms. Ashe owns 25% of the company. Her take is $750,000. Not a bad day’s work, you say.

Except that when you sell the company, you’re selling the goose that laid the golden egg, so instead of living on the income from the company, she has the income from the sale.

Basic rule of thumb is that you can spend 5% a year of your invested assets without wiping out the assets – which leaves Ms. Ashe with an annual income of ….. $37,500.


What Do You Do When You Really Fall:

When you go from one of the most powerful men in porn to Kurt Lockwoods drummer, who do you blame?

Your former employer of course…I mean after all they shoved that coke up your nose while Kernes held you down didn’t they…

In case you haven’t figured it out we are talking about Tim Connelly here, he is suing AVN for wrongful termination.

What a crock….

Is Porn Going Mainstream A Good Thing?:

Lets face it, porn has become corporate. Gone are the days when we were the last of the true rebels, porn is now controlled by corporate conglomerates. Penthouse just purchased Danni Ashe and all of her assets, They did the same with Jill Kelly. Playboy now owns Jenna Jameson and her assets. Hustler bought VCA and it’s assets…And everyone is wondering why porn is in a slump…It isn’t fun anymore.

There is nothing unique about it…the girls are all interchangeable, even gonzo is cookie cutter porn. There is precious little real talent in the ranks of directors and actors and almost no talent at all in the ranks of the writers.

Hell I’d bet you could lay the soundtrack off of pretty much any gonzo scene on top of another and it would match perfectly…BORING….

Speaking Of Jill Kelly:

Fat chance of winning your lawsuit baby…You didn’t file your trademark til last January…well after the bankruptcy and well after JKP assumed ownership of it as a corporate entity.


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