Brian Writes Again

So I gotta have this dreck on because why? Da Wifey likes it. So this

morning was an interview with an author/reporter, last name O’Niel about

chasing Bin Laden in the 90’s across the mideast. Guess he wrote a book or

something. First segment.
At one point, to my stark AMAZEMENT he said” I had to balance whether I was

a citizen or a reporter”.
And the schmuck CBS interviewer was SMILING !
Look it up, it’ll be on limbaugh & boortz tomorrow.
I didn’t know Citizenship was OPTIONAL to your JOB! Mine damn sure ain’t ”

Those commie fucking assholes. May they burn in hell, every last fucking

unpatriotic fuckin one of them! Fuck them, their network, and their

smug-assed LIFE! Move to fuckin CANADA!
I look forward to your 9-11 posts. Damn shame we gotta remind ourselves what

Oh yeah, the blonde wasn’t in Sunday school this morning. It was rather dull

without her.
Ever the curmudgeon in Powder Springs,

( and bring back the link to Trailer Trash , gee I miss those folks )

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Brian Writes Again

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