Brandon Iron Talks About His Experience Doing It Himself

brandonironHi Mike!

I’ve been with Manyvids since January 2016 and have had a satisfying experience.  My studio is currently ranked 9th out of 904 studios and I’ve reached a whole new audience with both new and old content.

Here’s what I’ve learned:  social media is crucial and you build your following one supporter at a time;  customers appreciate quick notes of thanks and interaction — you can’t pirate that.;  find ways to connect with fans of all orientations, kinks and fetishes (I offer store items that cater to gay fans and appreciate the support);  distributors’ power and influence has been reduced and sites like Manyvids empower all performers to express their creativity and be their own boss;  everyone loves getting a deal — use promo codes and offer free items.  Many paying customers return the favour after receiving a gift/discount;  quality outsells quantity — use the best camera you can;  I started offering 4K UHD content and will not go back for new shoots;  lastly, use all available tools to raise awareness of your brand.

Manyvids offers single clip sales, membership options, custom videos, Fund Me links, contests and daily traffic breakdowns. Take advantage and create multiple streams of income.  Monthly bonuses are paid to the Top 20 Monthly Earners and I’m proud to have been included on the list.

Many of my customers are collectors.  When they see a video with their favourite star, they buy it.  I deliberately set my price point to be affordable and give what I consider good value.  Interaction is one crucial way to combat piracy and fans respect someone who is also a fan.  Like recognises like.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train.


Brandon Iron

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Brandon Iron Talks About His Experience Doing It Himself

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