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Hey, Mike: Glad to know you weren’t blown away in Florida.

The suit against TT Boy and OSHA fines are both pretty interesting. And as you say, they potentially could do to porn what Ashcroft cannot.

With Ashcroft, you’ve got freedom of expression issues. As you’ve pointed out many times in the past, no one really knows what is or isn’t obscene. The Rob Black prosecution? It’s a coin toss.

But OSHA, now that’s a whole ‘nother matter. If, for instance, my dentist has to wear goggles and latex gloves before working on my teeth; my nurse at the hospital has to have certain protective gear before changing bed pans, or drawing blood then you’re right; or my urologist has to wear a glove before doing a prostate exam: why wouldn’t the same apply to porn workers. Could be a boost to fetish tapes, but ….

Obviously haven’t seen the TT Boy lawsuit, but it seems like it too could present real dangers for the industry because the standard is so different.

Remember, while a defendant has to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal trial, the standard for victory in a civil suit like the one filed against Boy is a preponderance of the evidence. That means, just enough to tip the scale one way or the other — 51% for or against gets a win for someone.

If my memory is right, Laura Roxx did double anal on that set. If they go after TT Boy on a negligence suit, the standard might very well be that Boy and his producers “knew or should have known” that this was a dangerous thing to do.

If I were Roxx’s attorney, I would put an expert up there who could say that even with testing, etc., there is no way to safely film a double-anal scene. Some people may enjoy doing it in their personal life; some people may want to watch it. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe to do.

My guess is that it won’t be too hard to find an expert who will say that the anus wasn’t designed for a double-A pounding; that all sorts of permanent damage could occur; and that even with enemas, lube, and whatever else you got going on, it’s still a messy, dangerous act that’s likely to end up like this.

Who they gonna put up on the other side? Skeeter Kerklove? “Dude! My wife loves having a baseball bat shoved up her butt. No harm, no foul.”)

If she wins, and I’m not suggesting she will win, then the next question down the road is: can you safely film an anal scene; can you safely film an oral scene; can you safely film intercourse; can you safely film a squirting scene? Because you know it’s not a matter of if but when.

I don’t know the answers to any of those questions, but they are entirely different from whether the depictions on film are protected by the First Amendment.


T T Boy Sued For 10 Million:

Word is that on top of the OSHA fines handed down last week, T T Boy is now facing a 10 million dollar civil suit by Laura Roxx, apparently he was served yesterday.

From The Mail Bag:

Hey Mike,

There’ve been whispers that Teagan went and had the puppies pumped up. These pictures came out on today of Digital Playground’s release party for Island Fever 3.

By the looks of these pictures, said rumors are true. Whatta you think?


I think yer dead on the money, definately not the Original Equipment Teagan Shown Below

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Bob Writes:

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