Big Changes at Digital Playground I’m hearing:

Adella has yet to return my calls, prolly cuz I’m onto something. I hear that DP is about to change their contract girl roster. I’m hearing 2 in and 1 out. It’s speculation at this point who they signed and who is gone, if you think you know e-me. The one out is pretty easy but since I don’t know for sure I won’t say just yet. I have heard several speculations on who is in.

Pauly Writes:

Big fan of your sight, first time writer. By the way, the first porn I ever bought was Confederate Cuties 2, and the scene with you and Makala is smokin’ hot and one of my ATF!

Anyway, just a guess, but I would say one of the contract girls is Teagan Presley. Big Hype around her (not sure if it’s justified) but I would think with Adella being the publicity Juggernaut she is, she and D.P. would go after Teagan with a vengeance.

I’m sure the one out is Devon, only ’cause I’m damn sure it’s not Jesse Jane.

As for the caption, here’s what I have:

“AIM: We now specialize in what we should have been doing all along.”

“AIM: Where the saying “Gone down the shitter” is actually a complement.”

Lame I know, but I want free porn!

Take it easy and keep up the good (funny and informative) work!


Thanks Pauly, Teagan was my first guess as well, theres a lotta hype on her and she does have the raw materials, that Devon is toast is a certainty as far as this goes…no way they are dropping Jesse. Just to play devils advocate for sec lets look at Teagans cons….she has done a lot of gonzo, including anal so she has nothing new to offer, plus DP will have to compete with those titles. OTOH if they are looking to push into gonzo a bit more she’d be perfect, Jacks Playground is good shit but they can’t put Teagan in everyone of those. Theres reportedly 2 girls…and I’d bet both have been in Jacks Playground, look for one of them to be an unknown who hasn’t done much if anything, maybe Jelena Jensen, she is a hottie but not as diminutive in stature as DPs past contract girls. This is gonna be interesting. Still no word from A-Dell.

Update: apparently Teagan is one of them.

I spoke with Adella finally and she asked me to pull the story…Funny thing about building credibility, it’s a double edged sword, I asked Adella if it was true and told her that if she would tell me it was not true that I’d pullit……She went into hysterics and hung up on me….

I still wanna know who chick #2 is.

Tim Writes:

My guesses are Teagan and Stormy Daniels, you noted last week that DP is putting out more Stormy product than Wicked.

I don’t know who girl # 2 is but I know who it isn’t and it isn’t Stormy, she is with Wicked. I’d go so far as to bet the girl hasn’t been under contract with anyone else AND I’d bet she hasn’t done any porn or if she has she hasn’t done boy/girl unless its only in Jack’s Playground or something


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Big Changes at Digital Playground I’m hearing:

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