Ben Rumson Writes:

 Porn Valley- Here’s a good barometer of the porn economy. Rob Spallone’s leaving the daily rigors of it for the ice cream business.

“I should be signing a lease in about a week in a half,” says Spallone who was on his way to meet an architect when I spoke to him.

“Hopefully by next year year I should have five or six of these stores.”

The first one opens in the San Carlos shopping center at Mason & Devonshire.


A great contest would be to name some special flavors for Rob’s ice cream store: Flavors that reflect his colorful porn past. Harry Weiss should have a field day with this. He is, after all, funnier than anyone else in the biz.
I’ll start it out with a few off the top of my head. (No attribution required.)

Fudge Packer Delight – A rich blend of white and dark chocolate with the added bonus of a few, surprise, Hershey squirts! It can be ordered straight or gay. The gay version has nuts added.
Spalloni – Unlike Spumoni–with its pistachio green, cherry pink, and chocolate brown colors–Spalloni is all green and served in an edible, paper envelope.
Porn Cherry Delight – There are no cherries in this creamy concoction and it’s guaranteed to be totally artificial.
Yummy A2M – Chocolate ice cream with lipstick-red, rasberry swirls. Hershey squirts always an option.  Served straight or gay.
Chubby Mocha Chocolate Bitch Bang – Dark, mocha-chocolate ice cream with tiny, midget, white-chocolate chips.

I’m in tears…….Ok Harry THIS is Your calling bro…

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Ben Rumson Writes:

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