APornChick Writes:

Hi Mr. South,

I just wanted to let you know how right you are about people in porn but it isn’t limited to the girls. I am sick and tired of having to work with all these inked up morons that have so polluted their bodies with steroids that they can’t get wood without massive doses of viagra or even shooting up their dicks.

I am like Stefanie, I am here because I thought it would be a fun job with cool people but what it really is is a nursey school for junkies. I am returning to shooting internet porn, it is much safer.

Thank You for letting me vent and please don’t use my name on this.

Yer welcome doll and hang in there, porn in L.A. and porn in the rest of the country are two very different things.

Stefanie Writes:

K so first of all, long time no talk and who is this u ask? Im the girl u met over a year ago in florida then i emailed u from toronto and u were there and gone. So thats me.I have something to say about what Dr. Mary Anne Layden had to say about women in porn, Im not sure what most are like in the industry because I am not and never have been, but on that note I would if given the chance I would. I am not addicted to anything nor do I even drink, I just love to fuck. Pretty simple deal I wasnt abused or any bullshit. There has to be someone in the industry that is there just for the thrill.
Mike maybe Im wrong and just wishful but dont ruin my thoughts on everything! Tell me there is someone out there that just loves it without the crap involved.
I am pleased to say Im goin to vegas for the first time and cant wait…. so exciting. Am and always will be a fan.

Stefanie there are certainly a few are/have been in porn who aren’t/weren’t addicted to anything, Serenity of course, Felicia Fox, Jacklyn Lick, problem is they are few and far between and seemingly getting fewer and farther between. Most of the sanest girls these days are the ones doing net porn, probably because it requires more discipline and and outside of L.A. its way more sane.


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APornChick Writes:

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