Another Scumbag:

Hi, it’s Zenova, I just wanted to let everyone know about a guy posing as a photographer/producer. He booked me for a shoot and when I showed up he said he didn’t want to shoot. When he booked me, he said I had to get a new test specifically for his shoot ($100 I paid for myself), and it was a 2hr drive to get there. When I got there it was an empty apartment except for two folding chairs and a card table. He just said he didn’t want to shoot me, I said o.k. but he needs to pay the cancellation fee I have posted on my site (I charge cancellation fee plus expenses if I don’t get 24 hr. notice) He refused to pay it, he wouldn’t even reimburse me for the test he made me get, I spent my last $100 on it. I don’t want him to do that to any other models, I don’t think he had any intention of shooting even when he booked me, I asked for his id and when he opened his wallet to give it to me he only had $20 in it.So beware of him, here is his info:His real name is Naren Francisco Villarqui, the name he uses in bookings is John Savage, the e-mail he used is (John Boy) stonebunny2003@hotmail

His address and where the shoot was supposed to be is 1616 Normandie Ave. #400 L.A. 90027 his phone # (310)XXX-7579

Thank You,

I haven’t heard his side of this, if he responds I will post it.

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Another Scumbag:

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