And This is Why I do it:

Man, sorry to keep bothering you, dont mean to be a nusciance. just wanted to say that I just read that… article… on That was probably one of the single most unprofessional articles I have seen printed anywhere, it makes the current incarnation of lukeford look like it has journalistic integrity (and from what Ii can tell, its hard to make Fayner look like he has any sort of integrity.). That was nothing but a slander piece, while you have done a very good job so far of not making the type of personal attacks they resorted to.. but hey, sometimes its better to be the enemy then to do nothing. Don’t ever quit man. Again sorry to be a nusciance.


Dude, From the bottom of my heart I thank you for writing this. you arent a nusciance and and what you said in this email validates every minute of the many, many hours I have devoted to researching this.

Without feedback from folks like you I have no idea if what I am doing is actually doing anyone any good.

Thanks man.

Mike South

[Editors note. A little background on Rob, he works for one of the largest and most respected chains of adult video stores in the country. He reads AVN, If I were Mark Kernes this would embarass me immensely. Personally I feel I am owed an apology by Mr. Kernes, not for his views, but for his personal attacks. I ain’t holding my breath…]

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And This is Why I do it:

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