And Last But Certainly Not Least Candy Cane has a Lot to say, I normally don’t run stuff that has appeared on lesser sites, but this one is dead on.

Hey Southern Sweetie,

Just want to share my thoughts with you on a slew of issues (politics, Rob Black, current state of our industry.) Where to begin?

Lets start with Rob Black. Whats going to happen at his trial? Granted, the sick fuck deserves to be in jail for all of his sleeze but if he is convicted, dont you think the government and local authorities will turn up the heat even more? Sad to say, many in our industry are best benefitted for an acquital for the jerk off. Why? Well, lets see. If that sick fuck’s material cant be deemed obscene, then those of us who are doing your garden variety porn cant even be close to obscene. On the flip side, we all know the government wont just swallow defeat and I am afraid at that time, we will begin to see legislation enacted on just what is/isnt acceptable. Good riddance to the Miller test, however, the next “test” may be just enough to shut us all down.

In regards to politics/government, isnt it funny how double standard our country has become? Go back to the beginning of this country. Our forefathers didnt want to pay taxes so we revolted. Today, we are forced to pay taxes just the same as we did long ago. Double standard? Washington is “cracking” down on corporations who lie/inside trading but doesnt that sum up just about every politician? We are constantly preached to about seperation of church and state and the declining moral values of our country but then we politicians who nail interns, cheat on their wives, etc… Double standard?

We have government officials who are “appalled” that Janet’s titty popped out. Answer me this. How many do you think turned their head when it happened? I am willing to bet none. Now the FCC is cracking down on everyone and is about to be “fine happy.” What better way to line the governments pockets? Our government is claiming to be doing this for the “good of the children.” isnt is hysterical that every time the government has an agenda they slap the label “for the good of the children” on it and immediately gain all this support? They say to keep porn away from the children and god knows many of us try our hardest but would the government/parents rather their kid gets hands on training and potentially ruin their life at a young age with pregnancy/stds? Surely, some teenager rubbing one off is much safer and wont drastically impare his future of success.

Heres the major issue I have with the government. If they accomplished eradicating porn as they wish to (it will never happen), just think of all of the people that will be out of work. You think unemployment is high now? Fuck, even the jobs the government “creates” isnt enough for those who have Bachelors degrees let alone the majority in porn who know how to do one thing. The tech industry is down and so is the economy. So where does the government plan to put all those they put out of business?

Everybody has benefitted from porn is some aspect. The tech industry benefitted from porn. Fuck, how many people 7 years ago went out and bought a computer just so they could download some cute little pics? Now look at the market today. Damn near everyone has a computer or two. Cable companies, internet providers, etc… all benefit from porn. The government…they benefit too. They dont like porn but they sure dont refuse Hustler’s taxes now do they? Even the non-profit christian groups benefit. They get donations and funds to give them something else to bitch and whine about. What the fuck would they be doing if they werent out trying to be a “better” citizen than you and I and ridding the world of porn? Oh thats right, they would be molesting altar boys. So i suppose we should take some solom is knowing that why these anti porn groups who spend all their time attacking us means they have less time to molest altar boys.

The government pussed out when it came to defining obscenity. They allow states and the commnuity to define what is obscene. Yet, Bruce Taylor has no problem prosecuting in all 50 states. So if the federal government sees fit to prosecute wherever it chooses, shouldnt it show some balls and define just what they feel is obscene? The idea that by being broad in the defintion that we will “self-regulate” is complete and utter bullshit. Self-regulation sure didnt help Rob Black now did it? There is a reason why the government has not pushed for an across the board definition of obscenity. Because they know at some point it will be overturned and declared unconstitutional. Then they can do nothing. Rob Black might just force the issue.

We can invade other countries and declare war based on lies that is passed off as “bad intelligence.” Am I the only one who is fucking scared to death of my country? Whats to stop the authorities from invading my home based on “bad intelligence”? All in the name of terror they say. Am I the only one that thinks every time they claim to have thwarted another terrorist attempt that its nothing more than bullshit so they can keep playing thier power trip in the name of terror? Fuck, its been three years since 9/11. They knew 9/11 was going to happen. Isnt it possible they that knew what was going to happen but sat back and waited and then used the tragedy to increase thier power?

Our government is no holier than those we claim are in the axis of evil. We ran the Indians off and claimed their land. We have funded terrorists networks that benefitted us and then came back and bit us in the ass. Whatever happened to the war on drugs? Funny we never hear much about that ever. Fuck, all we hear about now is Iraq and Saddam but not as much about Bin Laden. The government is the number propigation machine. PR the wars you win, ignore the ones you dont.

Which brings me to the industry today. Guys like Black and Max Hardcore make us all easy targets. Because we are in the same industry (though I beg to differ), we are all lumped together. We provide entertainment. They provide whatever it is they provide. The industry needs to stand up and defend the lifestyle and business we lead. We will never convince the anti porn side to conform and accept our views and actions. The major step is educate the one group we can…OUR CUSTOMERS. How hard is to put a political message in our films. Would that not give our films the political value that is referred to in the definition of obscenity? Fuck, even a 30 second clip telling our customers to fight the war on censorship or directing them to a website with information on contacting our congressmen and representatives. We have the means to reach our customer with this information. Fuck, they are veiwing our videos. The chance is there. If our customers dont stand up for their right to view it then where does that leave us? OUT OF BUSINESS! No customers, means no sales, means no fucking reason to do what we do. A political or informational message may not prevent a conviction, but it makes us more defensible to an overzealous prosecutor.

Sorry for the long rant. I am sure if you run this one you will get a lot of replies and honestly, I am very interested in what the rest of the porn world thinks about this.

Candy Cane

Theres not much I can say here except to say that it’s interesting that the fate of this industry may be directly tied to Rob Black. On the one hand I wish we had put a stop to this shit before it happened, but now I must support Black if for no other reason than if he rolls over it makes it easier to come after someone else, and if enough people roll over they may eventually gain enough momentum to really hurt this industry.

I want to state right now that when Black goes to trial, I have every intention of being in the courtroom every day and reporting about it here. There are going to be some decisions in this case that one way or another will likely work their way to the Supreme Court and they WILL affect everyone on the web one way or the other.

OK Im Off To LaLa Land.

11760cookie-checkAnd Last But Certainly Not Least Candy Cane has a Lot to say, I normally don’t run stuff that has appeared on lesser sites, but this one is dead on.

And Last But Certainly Not Least Candy Cane has a Lot to say, I normally don’t run stuff that has appeared on lesser sites, but this one is dead on.

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