Anabolic For Sale?

I’m hearing quiet rumors that Anabolic may be for sale in the range of 10 million dollars. Only LFP comes to mind as a potential buyer….Anabolic has lost almost all of it’s in house directors so now would be a good time for Chris to bail…..

Welcome back to reality:

As most of you realized yesterdays posts were pure fantasy…April Fools nonsense. I do wish one were true though…I’d Give one of my family jewels for a honeymoon with Sam Phillips….She can go fishin with me any time….

JKP Joke went too far:

Hey Mike,

Listen, there’s April Fools, there’s pure fantasy… and there’s absolutely unbelievable!!! Jill Kelly Productions will NEVER PAY RESIDUALS!!! They cannot even pay their crew or performers, let alone royalties!!! They have a policy: “We don’t pay Agents” says old man PM guy whats-his-name. I said to him, “No, asshole you just rip off Agents… because they tell everyone the truth about JKP – THEY DON’T PAY ANYONE!!!” Or, 2 months later @ that. Touche Bob Nobody PM Guy! Suck my famous dick!


PS – Nice site. Felicia says Hi.


Peter Romero

Pete is aka Roy Garcia, an agent who has obviously dealt with JKP….

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Anabolic For Sale?

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