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Mike South, thank you for your awesome efforts to stop this .xxx scam. As I see it, here are the 2 most profound arguments AGAINST anyone in the adult industry supporting it:

1) I breathed a sigh of relief when ICMRegistry and others involved adamantly said the use of .xxx domains will be “voluntary,” since I immediately figured Oh Well almost no one in Adult would set up shop there. But then I read a prescient post on Luke Ford’s site mentioning the CREDIT CARD COMPANIES!!!! Of course!!!, you see Congress or the courts don’t need to do anything, all the anti-porn conservatives and Jason Hendales (at ICMR) need do now is pressure the cc companies or cc processors to decide to ONLY accept payments for adult material from the .xxx ghetto. Presto – they might as well have amended the First Amendment.

2) ACLU and other civil-libertarians have already pointed out that .xxx is a top-level international domain. So even though it is unlikely that the American government will force porners to use .xxx, any and every other government worldwide CAN, and many WILL!! And those countries won’t stop at sexually-explicit images, but include all discussion of homosexuality, abortion, birth control or, for that matter, ANY discussion of sex at all.

Motive: I think AVN and all the boring vanilla-porn producers – Vivid, LFP -think they can make themselves big fish in the small .xxx pond. The lawyers want litigation. Hendales and Co. want to be CEO’s of a $100 million concern, by simply fabricating this idea and their ICMR company out of thin air.

Result: Many million$ to ICMR to sell the better .xxx names. They spent 5 years conning ICANN and Congress, successfully now we see. If in 5 years they can trick the credit companies into only accepting payments from .xxx domains, Mr. Handales will be the New Mr. Flynt. Other countries will require most sexual content be in .xxx. In America now, censoring a .com porn site automatically sounds like a speech violation and sparks fears that other .com sites will be next. However, in 5 years when porn is already segregated and regulated in the .xxx ghetto the idea of censoring Net Porn will be FAR MORE ATTRACTIVE.
AVN should be ashamed that it refuses to even publicly take a stand on this crucial issue. I’d give them more credit if they admitted they support it. Thanks, Mike.

Thanks for taking the time to write me.I agree that AVN should take a stand and try as I might I have not been able to get them to do so, but I’m not going to stop trying either.

I had a Short Chat With Paul Fishbein This Morning:

I think to say that he is unhappy with me would be an understatement. Anyone who reads this site knows that over the years I have held Paul in very high regard. A couple of years ago Paul decided to turn control and policy of the Magazine over to Tim Connelly and as you might expect changes came, changes that ruffled the feathers of some. Paul rode out the storm standing by his man. Now AVN is being called on the carpet for at the very least NOT doing anything to help stop this .xxx abomination and at the very worst, tacitly approving of it.

I don’t like being at odds with paul…I like the guy but at the same time anyone who supports this IS the enemy, period.

My challenge to AVN is take a stand. Come out on the record and tell us you are for it as your editorials would indicate or against it and if you are against it, help us stop it. Period.

BT Writes:

Hey, Mike: I got a big kick out of Tim and Fifi’s post about Club Babylon in Austintown, Ohio.

I may live on the east coast now, but I grew up in one of the burbs outside Youngstown, and used to play football against Austintown. These are my old stomping grounds.

Y-town is a mob town. For years, we’ve produced some of the best safe crackers in the business, as well as tune-up specialists, which is the reason the FBI refers to a car bombing as a Youngstown Tune-Up.

We’ve also produced some of the dumbest fuckups known to man outside of an Elmore Leonard novel, some of whom may or may not have gone into the strip club biz.

Youngstown’s the kind of place where you could once play high stakes poker in the basement of an office building owned by a mob attorney who also happened to then be chairman of the County Democratic Party, and located near the police station.

Around Y-town, there’s a saying that generally describes these kinds of relationships: “It’s just one of them Youngstown deals.”

Long way of saying to Tim and Fifi: Hey, kids. It’s just one of them Youngstown deals.

AVN Supports REQUIRING Adult Sites To Operate Under .XXX Domains:

Yep you read that right, for all the posturing and obfuscation they are doing on this issue they are selling us out every chance they get witness this:

“Tom Hymes, AVN Online

”There is also a strong case for having a content-specific gTLD (and corresponding SLDs under ccTLDs) such as .xxx or .sex. Sexually explicit services could then be legally required to operate with domain names in this gTLD (or SLD under a ccTLD) that would make it much simpler and easier to control access to such sites to protect children from the problem, for example. This would not be to impose censorship or restrict free speech, but would restore an effective means for consumer choice which sites like subvert by exploiting that present ‘inherent propensity to confuse’). Similarly, non-commercial sites, including sites for abuse or complaint might usefully be allocated a specific SLD for that purpose.” [9]”

This was taken from a white paper submitted to the National Reseach Council By Jason Hendales, It was also presented to ICANN and others.”

Don’t believe me? Read it yourself RIGHT HERE

OK Tell me ONE MORE MOTHERFUCKING TIME how you were uninvolved on this issue!


Understand this — the last thing in the world I want is to bring attention to the scumbags at “Club Babylon” in Austintown, Ohio (near Youngstown in NE Ohio).

However, if I don’t say something about it (and therefore publicize them inadvertently) then, like the cockroaches they are, they’ll just keep doing what they’re doing.

I was in Youngstown a month or so ago, as one of the guests of honor at a Horror film convention there ( A few weeks after my appearance, fans in the area began emailing me, asking me when I was going to be appearing at Club Babylon in Austintown. I wrote back, asking them what they were talking about — nothing was scheduled, which I confirmed after a phone call to my booking agent. That’s when I learned that this club, which I’ve never been in or had any contact with, was continually running my photo in the “Youngstown Vindicator” with the caption that I was “Coming Soon” to their club.

Tim called the club, and he spoke to a manager, Mark. Mark insisted that my fans were mistaken; no such ad was running, and that he’d never heard my name before. Tim thanked him for his time, then hung up.

The emails from Youngstown fans continued.

Last night, Tim called the club again, posing as a customer at my insistence. A young lady answered, and he asked about “the girl who’s in your ad in the newspaper…when is she appearing at your club?”

Door Girl: “Uh…she could be here next month, or the month after…we’re not sure. It depends on how you define ‘coming soon’.”

Tim: “I see. Can I speak to a manager, please?”

Door Girl: “Uh…they’re busy right now. Can I ask who’s calling?”

Tim: “Yes…the woman in the ad is Felicia Fox, and you guys are advertising her as coming soon to your club, when she’s not. I need to speak to a manager immediately.”

“Ed” comes to the phone. He’s a bouncer, I think — way too dumb to be a manager, according to Tim (although at this place, who can tell?). Ed ins insulting and abusive, shouts and threats are exchanged, blah blah blah. I put in a call to my attorney, Major Kneecapper Stephen Klein, who begins drafting cease and desist letters.

Why am I telling you all this?

Folks, even in your own backyard, there are scumbags and liars, who are waiting to take advantage of all YOUR hard work, who are waiting to cheat YOUR fans and ruin YOUR good name. Be aware…

I’m thinking of making a free appearance at club in Youngstown now, one of their competitors, just so I can see and thank all my fans, and ruin the business at “Club Babylon” for a few days.

Phone calls from any of you to the club in my support would be very much appreciated. The phone number there is 330-793-5333 and their email address is [email protected].


Felicia Fox

100% All Natural 36D-25-36
Star of Over 150 XXX Films
2004 AVN Award “Best Oral Sex Scene in a Video”
2004 XRCO Award “Orgasmic Oralist”
2003 Nightmoves Award “Best National Feature Dancer”

So Is Quasarman:


I sent Judith Reisen the following email and also received an an aloof and dismissive response much like you did.

“Dear Judith Reisman:

As a taxpaying, law-abiding United States citizen who also happens
to be a producer of Adult videos, I am incensed that you would imply that
those of us in this line of work would like to see child pornography
legalized. The exploitation and abuse of a child’s innocence is at the
top of the list of reprehensible and unforgivable crimes for which I
believe a perpetrator of such should rot in prison for the rest of
their natural lives.
No industry is more regulated than ours when it comes to ensuring
that all participants in our product are over the age of 18. We are in
full compliance with 18USC sec. 2257. All identification documents of
every actor and actress featured in an adult film are maintained by the
Producer and are available for inspection by law enforcement.
Our product is admittedly offensive to some but obviously also
appealing to many. Such is the way things work in a free country. We
create explicit entertainment featuring consenting adults for
consenting adults to view. How you can suggest that we would welcome
the legalization of child pornography is beyond all evidence of logic.

Mike M*****

P.S. Just in case you think I may be a left-wing relativist, I voted
for President Bush and I am a G.O.P contributor.”

and her response….

“Dear Mr. M******

Unfortunately I am correct. And just as racism was for years and still “is
appealing to many,” so too is your product. Indeed, this “is the way things
work in a free country” unless the public becomes convinced of serious and
unanticipated harms.

Since you work with and for the industry and I work with and for your
victims we have different views.

I am not shocked that you voted for Bush, the abuse of others has always
crossed all boundaries.

Thanks for your remarks.

Explain to me how we’ve gone from equating legal adult entertainment to child exploitation and now to racism and who exactly are my “victims”? The guy chapter skipping through “Jizz Jockeys Volume 21145” with an anticipatory wad of tissue at the ready? And who exactly is being “abused”? The male or female performer, clearly of the age of consent, consenting to be paid more for a fews hours of work than they’d likely make in a month in another vocation?

As most semi-intelligent people are prone to do, I try to look at both sides of an issue before putting forth a position. I can’t seem to make the connection between “child trafficking” and the latest release from Red Light District or Digital Playground. I can’t recall ever being approached by a child trafficker when casting a movie. Truthfully, I wouldn’t know a child trafficker from a traffic cop.

Perhaps Dr.Reisen should check the tag on the inside of her loafers. If it says “Made in China” odds are a child was exploited in their production. I don’t think sweatshops are bound by the same record keeping laws that we are.


Also, it’s my belief that with politics, you get what you pay for. Politicians are whores. Maybe if more industry money flowed to the right, we’ve have a little more clout. Just my opinion. The principles of both Democrats and Republicans only go as far as the signature on a sizable donation.

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