Al GoldStein Busted For Shoplifting:

Former Porn King Arrested As Penniless Shoplifter

* Al Goldstein Was The Publisher Of Screw Magazine

Nov 29, 2004 8:32 am US/Eastern
NEW YORK (AP) Former porn king – Al Goldstein – has been arrested allegedly for shoplifting three books from a Barnes and Noble book store.

Goldstein is the ex-publisher of Screw Magazine. He was stopped by security at the Barnes and Noble store near Lincoln Center yesterday with three books on health.

New York City Police were called and he was charged with petty larceny.

Goldstein has been on a downward spiral since his publishing company went bankrupt. He has been living at the Bellevue homeless shelter.

My how the mighty have fallen…..

I’m Going to Montana Soon:

But not to be a dental floss tycoon….and if you understand that, God bless ya, yer prolly as old as I am.

But me and Felicia Fox will be hosting a “Girls Gone Wild Weekend” at Club Big House in Great Falls, Montana. If yer in the area, come see us Fri and Sat night!

Alexander May Have Been Great But The Movie Sucked:

Went to see “Alexander The Great” with Lisa this w/e. God what a horrid movie, and proof Oliver Stone never met a conspiracy he didn’t like.

Tara Moon Responds:

Hi Mike and Luke:
I want to make a response to what you have posted in your sites:

First of all I do come to dance in Vegas every week or every other week.

Second of all: I was at the hospital and I am suing them because I had a problem there – I was in for three days< a big difference from six weeks. Another thing: I was not seven and a half months pregnant: Don’t you think I would know that?

If someone has it for me: WHY DON’T THEY MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS AND FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE POSTING IT IN ANY SITE? I have not burt anyone and pretty much trying to build my name on my own because as you two know I had someone try to destroy my name before: Chante is dead and is not coming back Tara Moon is here and it will be here and my personal life is of nobody’s business but my own: I am responding to this adds that were posted because it is unfair that aomeone will say something about someone before knowing the truth and coming from you Mike? That is the worst thing about it: One of the people I like the most in the industry. At this time I do not have a computer because mine got stolen a couple of weeks ago so I am using the clubs computer you may reach me at my cell xxxxxxxxxx and PLEASE be kind enough not to post it as it is my personal number and I would prefer it is not known by everyone in the world!!!

I would appreciate it if you got this cleared up as soon as possible as I am or was never seven and a half months pregnant and it is of nobody’s business if I got a transfussion or not, but if you most know I was in there for 3 days for personal problems – I did lose a lot of blood due to my period and had to get an infusion not a transfusion – other than that it is of no-one’s business what happened – but the pregnancy thing: I am not stupid not to know if I was that far along, I have 2 kids and I know how it feels to be pregnant and it is not in my near future plans except to save money and try to get my name out there in a good way not with gossip that is not true and people make up because they feel like it. Any questions, call me and I do expect an apology in both your sites for the wrong postings because quite honestly it is embarrassing what you have wrote and even if it was true it is a personal thing not of anyone’s business.
This is the only e-mail address I have access to in the next week or so until I get my laptop replaced, so you may e-mail me back if you want to – and I will warn you one time only: If this mess is not cleared up by tuesday I will proceed further – I am being nice this time but trust me: I will not be nice if the apology and the truth is not there because I am not going to let anyone get in my way this time.
Mike you know me for a long time and I am not this way, but in this case I have no other option but to write you first and be nice and then go forward withit if nothing is done about it because I do not need my reputation to go bad again – I am not 18 anymore and I have become quite stronger and when it comes to feeding my kids I am not going to let anyone get on my way and I hope you understand that.
Thank you
Tara Moon
PS: Please do not refer to me as Chante as that name is no longer alive and thanks to you is almost coming back and I do not want it related to Tara Moon. Any of this goes on the site I do know enough people that I will do something about it. Thank you and sorry, but I found it out from a friend and it is very disturbing that you make me sound like I am stupid or something: BUT do not test me now – because I am MAD- REALLY MAD AT THOSE COMMENTS.

Well Ms Moon, for what it’s worth that’s the story I got, The conversation wasn’t with me obviously but I’m glad you cleared it all up and I’m glad you are apparently all well now.



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Al GoldStein Busted For Shoplifting:

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