A Good Question:

My buddy Boortz proposed this question on the air this week. I want to see what my readers think.

Imagine a conveyor belt of a very long length, on that coveyor belt sits an airplane. they conveyor belt is engineered to match the speed of the wheels of the plane in the OPPOSING direction.

Can the plane take off? ( I do know the answer)

Gone With The Wind II, A Cumfart movie:

Aside from the irritating insult to the memory of Bruce Lee (Hey, I think I’ll do a cumfart movie & call it “Gone With The Wind”! Or a movie about the wacky world of bookstore distribution & call it “The Godfather”!), I find it hard to fault some lame porn producer for mixing up Chinese & Japanese culture TOO much when the Golden Globes are falling all over MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, featuring three of Hong Kong/Mainland China’s most popular actresses portraying Japanese geishas.
(In case you’ve missed the hoo-ha, instead of being honest & admitting that thanks to films such as CROUCHING TIGER and HERO that Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh have [relatively] more box-office draw here in the U.S than any Japanese actresses , Brian Grazer & Imagine Films had the nerve to claim that after making an “exhaustive” search of ALL of Japan they couldn’t turn up any Japanese actresses worthy of the parts. Figures, though — the film itself is quite as nearly as aesthetically cheesy & narratively fractured as “Dark Angels Meets Pirates” or whatever hi-def gar-bahge the Other Half is unveiling this week …)
BTW, as I understand it, Brett Rockman never took his boards but did make it through medical school, & I know in fact that he was a medic in the service. He’s also a very serious & smart guy who is thoroughly an exception to the “penis-life support system” image of the typical male performer. His credentials in fact makes him probably the most qualified add to the AIM board in quite some time. Though I agree a decent press release might have actually detailed his background, instead of dubbing him “Doc Roc” …. yeesh. Why is it that they keep using the term “adult entertainment” when the level of wit & sophistication practiced by 90 percent of porn press release authors, directors, box copy writers, etc, is so decidely adolescent?
happy new year,

That’s why I love ya DAC, your analogies are the best. At least MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA had real asians in it

I hear that DP is now working on their interpretation of “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” Evan Stone has been cast in the role that Sidney Poitier made famous.

Next they are going to really go all out and tackle Iceberg Slims “Pimp”, it will star Evan Stone as Iceberg Slim, Jesse Jane, Sophia Santi, Janine, Eric Masterson and a specialy guest appearance by Ron Jeremy as “

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A Good Question:

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