A Few other thoughts from Sherman:

A Few other thoughts from Sherman:

Sherman’s Two Cents on a few subjects near and dear to surfers these days…..

You know Porn stars have their priorities in order when they skip a wedding, claim they had a trick to turn, skip that, and end up at a car wash, all in one afternoon. At least they are staying busy….

What is the world coming to when girls want to be taken seriously as models?

Wicked Pictures is up for Sale? The Fish has left the AVN Building? Ask the average stroker or surfer or most of the population who download stuff for free and get that “huh?” look. Neither directly impacts them, they simply don’t care. The mentality is simple, “Someone please pay someone else to film Jessica Drake getting boned, I don’t care what you call the company, I don’t care whether it gets reviewed, just let me know when it’s ready for me to download for free.”

Speaking of downloader’s, piracy, what ever you want to call it, or the people doing it:

Something to think about: I seriously applaud anyone standing up to the issue, but what happens when some of these very people go home and download stuff for free themselves? Or the spoiled little rich brats related to said individuals are off at some fancy college paying for nothing and downloading serious amounts of stuff for free.

What happens to them? What happens to us? What happens in between?

For all the Adult Industry bloggers bitching and whining about Shelly Lubben and her crusade, why do they {Adult Industry bloggers} keep quoting her, posting links to her video clips, giving her the attention she seems to require to get out her message? Call me crazy, {and I probably am} but you all seem to be her publicist’s, for free no less.

I’ve never met the woman nor had a discussion with her, so I can’t give you any opinion of her. And while I may disagree with her crusade, I respect her opinion, because that’s all it is, her opinion. When others start posting links to her clips, quoting her, etc, you validate her points.  The point is, leave it alone and it will go away, don’t be rude, disrespectful, anything, just leave it alone, and it will go away.  There are other ways to get traffic, really.

Ask any serious Porn producer off the record and they’ll tell you driving bare back scenes underground would be gods send to the Porno Biz! Drive the industry back where it belongs, let the state of California spend all that money it doesn’t have peeking inside your front window, while the unemployment rate continues to climb, mainstream productions are leaving in every direction, the number of citizens with out health insurance soars, but hey, they did make a couple of bucks harassing some do called “Porn Producer” who’ll never be able to pay the fine anyway.

51130cookie-checkA Few other thoughts from Sherman:

A Few other thoughts from Sherman:

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