A Compendium Of Callidity:

Ric Williams (HWMIC over at Black Widow) Writes:

Hey Mike,

I saw all of the hate mail that you received on this subject…mainly from ignorant tree huggers! I am a PADI SCUBA diving instructor with over 1,000 dives. My biggest thrill is shark diving. No, I don’t go into the cage, but rather swim free with the sharks…and stingrays! BUT…I do not get close enough to them to get a barb through my heart…I respect their space and they respect mine. As you said, humans are not food to sharks or rays, and underwater we are a 5 – 6 foot fish that blows bubbles. We can get along with most species if we respect them…with exception…I would not go near a polar bear, great white or tiger shark. Steve Irwin was a great personality, but if he was diving with me I would kick his ass back onto the boat until he learned to respect the wildlife!

Kind regards,

Ric Williams

Everyones Favorite Drunken Canadian Turned Drunken American (That’s Quasarman to You) Writes:

I was going to add to the hate mail regarding your commentary on the crocodile guy but then something else stirred by ire. How about this. It seems the Left in all in a tizzy because ABC is planning to air a mini-series called “The Path to 9/11” which *gasp* dares to criticize the Clinton administration for their 8 year abdication of their responsibility to protect America from terrorists. Yes, the liberal powers-that-be are demanding that the film be changed due to dramatic license being taken with certain unflattering aspects of the Clinton years. To quote the great Harvey Keitel who stars in the film but now apparently regrets his participation: “You can compile certain things as long as the truth remains the truth,” he told Showbiz Tonight. “You can’t put these things together, compress them and then distort the reality….You cannot cross the line from a conflation of events to a distortion of the event. Where we have distorted something, we made a mistake and it should be corrected.” Hmmm. That’s sounds like the very thing that Michael Moore did when he made Farrenheit 9/11 and yet I don’t recall Conservatives demanding that the film not be released or that it be re-edited to make it appear more flattering. Whining maggots!!
Go hunt something.

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A Compendium Of Callidity:

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