Playboy Radio Is Off XM But NOT Off The Air:

Just saw your item on us, thanks for the kind words. I’m not one of those rant and ravers and I know you’re doing the best you can with limited info on this but…
Playboy Radio is very much NOT biting the dust.
We’re currently auditioning for nine new series that are about to start this fall.
It’s true we won’t be on XM anymore after Sept 1, but stay tuned for an imminent announcement.

PS – Juli Ashton got married, moved away, and retired from Nightcalls Radio. The legendary Christy Canyon took her place a few months ago. Come visit Christy and Tiffany when you’re in town.


That’s good to hear thos guys have always been great to me! I knew Julie was gone I just had a little brain fart…I wanna do one of those nine new series….but do I have to move to L.A.?

He Might be On To Something:

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Playboy Radio Is Off XM But NOT Off The Air:

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