AdultKing Still Kickin Ass and Taking Names


I didn’t report on him last week but don’t worry he is still kickin ass and takin names and he isnt the only one.  Takedownpiracy and Removeyourcontent are both all over it as well.  These guys have done more for porn and porners than anyone has in a long time.  File lockers are going down left and right and the ones that are still up are having to resort to shady processors and alternate accounts on paypal and other sites, and as fast as these alternate accounts are going up they are coming down.

File lockers are in big trouble and if you are running any kind of piracy site you can kiss your paypal goodbye and soon also your VISA and Mastercard processing.

Keep up the good work Adultking, Nate and Eric   You guys deserve a standing O



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AdultKing Still Kickin Ass and Taking Names

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