Rape is now a Social Construct ? Consent must be 100% or it’s not consent

Rape is now a Social Construct

I decided to share the stories of three rapes because I’ve been told that rape is now a social construct. A quick search of Wikipedia yields me the federal definition under US law. It says that rape is “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” Unsurprisingly, how rape is defined in legal terms parallels my own definition. Given that this crime has been similarly defined and accepted for generations, the implications of changing its nature to a culturally subjective experience are formidable.

Just imagine being able to anally rape someone with a broom handle  and get off because you can claim that rape must involve your own sex organ to count in your culture. Inversely, I can also imagine a situation where a security guard is criminally charged with rape because he patted down someone entering a theater. The destruction that a culturally fluid concept of rape can cause is, in my eyes, unfathomable and it scares the hell out of me.

Male, 26 years old repeatedly raped in prison.

Carl (not his real name) served an 18-month prison term in New York State where he was repeatedly raped by multiple men. I met him 3 months ago when he was looking to work in the adult industry. My impression of him was a soft-spoken individual who just wanted to stay out of trouble. While a myriad of reasons brings people to work in the sex industry, predominantly they end up on my doorstep because it is all they can handle; real jobs require a commitment that they’re not able to give. By comparison, sex work can be fast, easy, off-grid and it can pay well. Unfortunately, traumatic rape experiences often create emotionally fractured people who paradoxically become only good for the sex industry.

“I was 20 and been kicking it a lot with my friends, getting into trouble all the time. It finally came back one day that I wasn’t going to get any more chances and I was taken to jail.”

Carl related his story to me in nonchalant tones but I noticed that he never once was able to look directly at me as he spoke. Instead, his gaze was always somewhere else and his left foot bounced incessantly. He was suppressing his emotions and trying to minimize what he had lived through.


“When they brought me into the prison it didn’t take long for me a couple of guys to give me that look like I was a new fuck doll. I remember walking past one guy and him saying to me that he’ll protect me. No one told me but that’s how it works in jail, some guy rapes you and then he’s like your daddy or husband. You ain’t got any more manhood and your ass belongs to him. I was young and skinny so from behind my ass looked like a woman to men that haven’t seen a female in years.”

Our conversation is momentarily interrupted by his need for a cigarette and he tells me that he no longer does drugs or hangs out with party people. “When we were locked in my cellmate came up to me with his cock hanging out asking for a blowjob. I told him that I wasn’t gay or bisexual and he just smiled and grabbed my hair and forced me down. He was a big powerful guy that could have killed me so when he threatened me I complied. Once he got hard he pulled my pants down and fucked me in the ass and he rode me hard and long. In the morning he told his friends and they all took turns raping me. I was raped almost every day I was in jail. I regularly had the shit beaten out of me and would walk around with bruises, cracked ribs and my asshole ripped open from impromptu gang bangs. The administration always made it clear that I should shut up about being raped and I did because I didn’t want it to get worse.”

Female, 32 years old raped several times by school teacher and husband

Lisa (not her real name) was 14 when she was raped several times by a school teacher and her husband. Like myself, she’s a veteran of the adult industry having worked in it for more than 15 years. Those of us who tough it out in the biz are thick-skinned, having been through things far worse than the industry can dish out. Outsiders often believe that rape leaves us victims who fall into the pits of society, but if we can stay off the drugs, the mental fracture that these experiences produce can turn into empowerment; survivors who have become masters of their personal commodity. Unfortunately, how those fractures express themselves can be drastically different among each individual.

“It was my first month in high school and I was having some problems in math. My teacher, Mrs. Gibson (not her real name), offered me some extra help. Friday after school, she drove me to her home and she helped me study for about an hour. After that, she offered me some wine and like any kid I accepted. The next thing I know, I am sitting on her couch with my panties off and her face between my legs. It totally fucked with my head because I thought rape was something men did to women. I had no clue what to call that was happening to me. When she also made me cum, I figured I was somehow responsible.”

The conversation momentary changes as Lisa asks me about what scene we’re going to film tomorrow. It’s a boy-girl-girl scene with me and she interjects that she doesn’t like the taste of pussy. She pauses for a moment and quickly adds that it’s probably because of her rape. I shrug and say nothing because I know she’s a pro and the job will be done.

“She drove me home as soon as we finished fucking, but before I left the car she stuck her tongue down my throat and I responded with mine. We ended up making out for a few minutes like we were dating and she told me that she would pick me up again tomorrow for another tutoring session. Like a naive idiot and I was outside sitting on the porch with my books waiting for her. She fingered me while we drove back to her home and when I got there her husband was there with another glass of wine for me. They both laughed when he took my virginity and I got blood on their bed.”

Lisa stops telling me her rape story to ask how much she’s getting paid for the boy-girl-girl scene and I tell her. She complains that it’s on the low side and then once again says that she hates eating out girls. She quickly reminds herself that I’ve hired her several times it’s easy to work with me that doesn’t end up on the Internet.

“The bullshit went on for about a month and I finally told a friend what was happening. Again I was an idiot and following her advice, I told others. Fuck sakes, everyone turned on me like I was a piece of shit. Even my fucking parents didn’t believe me and left me so fucked up that I started drinking than doing drugs. I was 15, living on the streets and hooking behind a music shop. Even a couple of those Christian ministry guys came around to have me suck them off. They never screwed me because that was wrong, but swallowing their loads was ok. I was around 18 when an old streetwalker from Boston helped me get clean and off the streets. She ran an escort agency and the work was safer. I don’t know what happened to that teacher and I haven’t seen my parents since either.”

Helen, 45 years old WANTS to be raped

Helen (not real name), fantasizes about rape. I frequently help arrange private shows between talent and clients and she was given my number as a mutual acquaintance. Her’s was a fantasy that I’ve heard several women speak of in the past. None of them actually wanted to actually be physically raped but instead just enjoyed the idea of being taken control of by an unknown aggressor. There are a handful of masturbatory fantasies that I’m unable to understand and all of those desires are female. Honestly, the idea that anyone would want to be brutalized and raped boggles my mind. During the course of our conversation on the telephone is when she made me aware of how far and how realistic she wanted her rape to be. I made notes about our conversation and in no uncertain terms told her that we would have to meet face-to-face in a public place. Good or bad, there’s one thing that I loath and that’s surprises. A woman willing to pay to be brutalized and raped has extreme potential for being a bad surprise.

We met two days later and Helen seemed perturbed that I had brought along another female and a small camera. While there is nothing illegal in a rape fantasy, indulging it could have ramifications. I had no way of knowing if her fantasy stopped with the act, or included putting the rapist in jail. Considering the level of reality that she was asking for, the only thing that would keep my ass from being arrested was to fully document her request and consent.

Social Construct example, Helen is divorced, a mother of 2 young girls, and works in IT. My impression of her is that it’s always the quiet conservative ones who harbor the most graphic of sexual desires. She started off wanting to be abducted off the street and taken to a secluded area, where she would be beaten into submission by a masked man, then raped. At one point during our conversation Helen mentioned that she wouldn’t mind if someone used a knife or a gun, I gave a non-confirming head nod. Our meeting concluded with a filmed signing of the legal documents, explaining the consensual nature of the rape attack and absolving me of all legal and/or financial responsibilities. The terms of the contract were to be fulfilled sometime within the 3 months following it having been signed and witnessed.

I made her pay 50% upfront by personal check made out to me personally because it was one more level of safety. She was also given a safe word, “mercy” and all she had to do was say it once and then her attack would immediately cease at whichever point it had achieved. Again, she was perturbed by the idea but agreed, as her options for fulfilling this fantasy were few. It was just over a month later when she had her home broken into and was caught in her kitchen.

Her rapist wore a discreet body cam and filmed the ordeal. (Again legal safety) She received a knife slash across her shoulder, a black eye, and a split lip, but never once did she say “mercy.” As I watched the footage, it was her eyes that struck me the hardest. There was genuine fear in her eyes but also elation as she struggled against her assailant. Helen was penetrated both vaginally and anally and she had multiple orgasms and for the next 3 hours, she got everything she had been looking for.

Helen came to my office the next evening with the remainder of my money, and I thought the woman looked like hell. The only question I had was how did she intend to explain her injuries and she immediately responded that she’s telling everyone that she got into a fight with another woman over politics. My impression was that she held a certain pride in her injuries and my opinion was confirmed when she gave me a substantial tip and wanted to know when she could book another rape session.

In conclusion, Social Construct

Regardless if the victim is male or female, rape (and molesting children) is evil. I’m a traditional man in this sense who would dictate extreme punishment for people committing such heinous acts. If I had the authority, I would have their lives painfully terminated. Consent must be 100% or it’s not consent.

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Rape is now a Social Construct ? Consent must be 100% or it’s not consent

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