LOL! My Goodness FSC launched an OnlyFans account of their own.

Hi world. On August 9th the FSC issued a very important announcement. ” No, not an HIV temporary hold this time” “They forgot to tell everyone about that recently”. The Free Speech Coalition launched an OnlyFans account instead. How on earth could anyone have missed that? Never would have ever imagined. Backstabbers.

Like Harry Houdini, who just had to make his meager, and worthless job seem far more difficult than it truly is. He could have escaped that phony glass water tank while chained up, in 20 seconds. Nope, he had to take 2 minutes and 58 seconds just so it looks as if he is doing something so difficult. Harry Houdini was punched in the gut, by a fan from the audience, and died.

The Great Illusionist
Harry Houdini The Great Illusionist
Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini and Bess Houdini with props from their Metamorphosis illusion


The embattled FSC turns to PASS, their paltry pals and insignificant spin doctor for the grand illusion of seeming to care about performers or production, It’s now OnlyFans, the new donors. Good luck with that.

Wonder who the performers will be? The board members, perhaps? Hell, they got one lawyer on their team who runs an orgy room at burning-man and get this. It is conducted in a tent. Just like a Teepee sweat box. That kind of tent. Epic


FSC launched their Only Fans account
FSC launched its own OnlyFans account to compete with struggling performers and backstabbing Production companies donating

Instead of having counselors on their board, or seasoned veteran sex worker therapists ready to break the bad news about talent test results. What do they do?  Forge ahead with competing with struggling sex workers trying to get by, on OnlyFans. Competing with performers and Production companies, my god, have they no shame?

Hey FSC and PASS don’t do that, do this

Instead of expressing industry-related matters with diligence and effort, as it relates to performer safety, keeping Production prosperous. What do they do? Create an OnlyFans account to get paid. What is up here? Are donors not kicking you down enough?

A must-Read 

If AVN couldn’t manage to get their content creator platform off the ground, then FSC can, right?         FSC launched an OnlyFans account of their own. lol


Free Speech Coalition Launches OnlyFans Page

Free Speech Coalition, the trade and advocacy association for the adult industry, has launched an OnlyFans account to better reach the new generation of creators. The account, @freespeechcoalition, will provide subscribers with updates on the battle defending sexual expression and sex worker rights, as well as ways to help fund the fight.

“FSC is meeting our community where they are,” says Alison Boden, Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition. “The account is a way for us to reach creators who might not have an official connection with the adult industry, but still need the information and resources to keep themselves safe and defend their rights.”

Prior to launching an OnlyFans page, FSC has worked with other fan platforms to raise money and awareness. A pioneering project with JustFor.Fans allowed creators to designate FSC for the platform’s own charitable donations, and content from FSC has been incorporated into FanCentro’s Centro U.

The FSC OnlyFans subscription rate is just $5 a month. Funds raised go to providing educational and business resources for those new to the industry and making sure the voices of adult creators and businesses are heard in legislators, courts and boardrooms.

Free Speech Coalition was founded in 1991 as a legal defense fund for adult producers. In its thirty year history, the organization has won numerous battles on behalf of adult producers, including at the US Supreme Court. FSC fostered the development of the acclaimed industry testing system, promoted safety and ethics within the industry, and is an omnipresent voice in defense of adult creators’ rights in the press.

“We’re at a crucial juncture in our history,” says Boden. “The adult industry is facing an unprecedented assault on our rights and our community’s right to survive. If we’re going to successfully fight back this wave of censorship, if we’re going to stand up to the growing tide of banking discrimination and deplatforming, we need to activate the entire creator community. OnlyFans might seem an unconventional place for organizing, but battles aren’t won by taking the conventional route.”

Creators can follow and support Free Speech Coalition at

Is the FSC truly a non-profit organization? You decide


735480cookie-checkLOL! My Goodness FSC launched an OnlyFans account of their own.

LOL! My Goodness FSC launched an OnlyFans account of their own.

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