Why I Always Liked To Date Strippers:

You can throw porn chicks in here too because the same applies to them.

I had a buddy who asked me what it was like to date a porn star (or a stripper for that matter) and I jokingly replied that for the first two months it was like marrying a nymphomaniac…

Anyway it got me to thinking. I have always had a bit of a soft spot for peelers and pornettes, specially the ones that didn’t use drugs (which is a good many more than ya might think). I mean a little weed here and there or whatever isn’t really what I’d call drug use but I digress.

It’s true that most of em are lousy housekeepers and even fewer can actually cook but as Paul Newman said to Lolita Davidovich in “Belle”…”We can work around it”. What they may lack in domestic skills they more than make up for in the bedroom, and believe it or not, in public. They always dress sexy and not overtly slutty…unless you ask them to. They like to be treated like a lady and they respond to it, specially when you get them back home.

Other chicks expect you to open doors, hold the chair, etc….These girls tend to appreciate it. Fickle as they are, they know how to make you look good in public, they know how men think. They can play other men (and women) to your advantage if they so choose.

Most of them just want to be loved and treated well same as anyone but they don’t necessarily attach a lot emotional baggage to the sexual aspects of it, they will do what pleases you and if you ask them to dress in heels and stockings they wont say “Why do you want me to dress up like a whore”. A lot of them are cool bringing home an extra girl because they like girls as much as you do. Pity most guys don’t know how to handle this situation in a non threatening (to the relationship) manner.

True they are like snakes, in that you never know you have been poisoned until after the fact, but all in all if you survive the first few bites you will build an immunity to the stripper bites…remember most peelers do what they do cuz they are into instant gratification.

What’s odd is they are among the hardest girls you will ever try to get a date with, they hear lines and stories all day every day so unless you have an “in” you are pretty much out. How to date a Peeler is a whole nuther topic entirely but suffice it to say if you ask a peeler or if she volunteers….What she is telling you is almost certainly bullshit.

If ya ever do get “in”…well it’s so worth the occassional fall yer gonna take….I Know…been there, done that, got the T Shirt.

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Why I Always Liked To Date Strippers:

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