Time for the Beach

Well another year since the surgery and all is pretty much well.  I still don’t wear the back support device like I am suppossed to and I pay the price for it, another spinal fluid leak, this one a result of laying flooring, which the neurosurgeon found highly amusing…the fact that I am even capable of laying the flooring I guess.

But after all the stress when I got the OK I felt the overbearing desire to get away.  So I gathered up Jenna and we took off to Mexico Beach (where else) right after friday nights bukkake

Its good to be down here though. Dunno when im coming back…wed or thursday maybe…I like the idea of just coming back when I am ready.

Monday might be a day to go out fishing (it wasn’t, the sun was out but the wind was strong from the North making for rough seas), even though snapper and grouper are off limits during February we will still catch and releasea bunch of them.  There wont be any pelagics, though, the water is still too cold.

I’m enjoying myself, I’m lucky and I know it. I spent Valentines with someone I enjoy being with and it has been a very pleasant weekend.

I will post some fishing pics if we catch anything

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Time for the Beach

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