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Yeah, Cameron is a hottie. Good for you. I find few things more exciting than hitting it off with a hot black babe. Still have a sexual crush on my first one. But actually, I wanted to ask why you don’t make a list of your favorite movies (of those that you haven’t made yourself). If AVN can’t give balanced reviews, who can? Maybe you? I’d especially appreciate a hint for a good “black chicks with white guy” movie. Not necessarily anal or bondage etc., just good old randy fucking.


Thanks buddy! I love black chicks, white chicks, asain chicks whatever but I have to admit that Cameron was quite a find, and truth is she found me! As I am sure you know I have had more than my share of hot sistas, Midori and OnyX to come immediately to mind. As for my recommendation on this type of interracial I really don’t have any, There are precious few series that feature white guy/black girl action and the ones that do like White Boy Stomp, well they basically suck in my opinion. You may like it though so its prolly worth a 4 dollar rental. A balanced review is a hard thing to quantify, the viewer is always going to base the review on his/her personal tastes and as we know those vary widely from person to person. As for my all time favorites, thats another toughie, “The Opening of Misty Beethoven” certainly ranks high as does “Cafe Flesh”, “House of Dreams” has gotten me laid on more than one occasion as have some releases from Private. Stay away from new Private stuff though, it SUCKS Kovi and Antonio Adamo can’t shoot the shit, much less good porn. For newer stuff I gotta say I am impresssed with Jules Jordan’s work. His girls are usually yummy, but this just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

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This email from Perrin

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