The Temptation Awards:

Dependng on who ya ask it was either good, bad or indifferent. I was comped 2 tix but I just couldn’t make it in time so I sent my ace undercover reporter.

Here’s how it ranked:

The food was the best of any show period, comparable but better than the days back when AVN had their awards at Ballys, AVN could learn a thing or two here specially considering the low ticket price.

The price for the Temptation Awards: 125.00, AVN 250.00

The award categories were heavily borrowed from AVN, it was suggested that may not be such a great idea. Personally I’m with JimmyD…a best anal award is…well kinda tacky.

Considering the issues they had with venues the show came off OK despite some technical glitches, I suspect next time around it will do a good deal better.

The buzz at the show was that the attendance was poor because AVN leaned on performers and companies NOT to attend. Word I get is that Paul Fishbein himself called certain people personally and asked them to not support it. In a way I can understand that, I mean AVN should have every right to protect it’s interests but at the same time they can’t very well claim objectivity about it can they…

Speaking of the 800 Lb Gorilla:

Anyone see the article on me there that suddenly disappeared? To set the record straight I am Producing and Directing the surgery documentary but I am not financing it. and while it is true that I am a mutli AVN Award winner I somehow missed my induction into the Hall of Fame….Maybe they are foreshadowing…

Mark Kernes Writes To Tell Me I am Wrong:

That the FSC NEVER implied that primary producers would be exempt from 2257 inspections. In a word BULLSHIT.

Even in the story on the gay content provider that got inspected Kernes noted that he was NOT an FSC member…as though that would have helped him…it wouldn’t if you are a primaryt producer the injunction by the FSC doesn’t apply to you, only to secondary producers…like AVN.

My Grandfather Passed Away Saturday Morning:

So updates may be a bit sparse…as if they aren’t lately already.

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The Temptation Awards:

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