Tera Says She is Out:

Hey Mike my girlfriend and yours went on a local cable show today, Naked New York to promote her new website erikakole.com and who should blow in but Tera.as crazy as ever,.she said on the show that shes out of the bussiness ,no more adult and she has a new website that will be bikini and playboy style.She was there with Evan and he promoted the new album that nobody is going to buy.

In Deep?: LS Writes:

Mikey!, Dude, you better run and run fast. you are playing with fire. You can’t try to swim in the same pool with her, dude she is network TV, Penthouse Centerfold, Hollywood even. She will chew you up and spit you out! You aren’t jumping off into the deep end you are jumping off into the Mariannas Trench. You are a nice guy and I would hate to see you wrecked and turned into another Max Hardcore.

Gee LS thanks for the vote of confidence, The Marianas Trench is the deepest water on earth…39,000 feet, for those wondering what the hell LS is talking about but I digress. Hey I know Sam Phillips is way outta my league but I love a challenge and I’m on my best game when I’m playing out of my league, besides, I have talked to Sam on the phone and she is a doll. I look forward to taking her offshore in 2 weeks. Pull for me LS, I won’t turn into Max, this old heart been brokes a dozen or so times….Besides how many people can say they were emotionally wrecked by Samantha Phillips…hell I’d be proud of it LOL.

Anna Mills Attacked:

While posing for pictures outside the club where Ken Marcus was having a party Anna was accosted by a “group of Mexicans”. She was attecked by 3 males and 2 females and beaten up pretty good. All the wounds are superficial nd she will be fine. No one was arrested Anna’s boyfriend Steve Hatcher, wasn’t around to step in and defend her and apparently whoever the onlookers were didn’t either.

OK here’s what I don’t get …howcum the person taking pictures got no photos of Anna being beat up?

Since Adella wont send me any photos of Jesse Jane I have to resort to using ones my Buddy DR X took.

for a look at all of his XRCO Photos CLICK HERE

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Tera Says She is Out:

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