Surreal Moments In My Life

About this time last year I was up in Dayton shooting and visiting my friends Tim Case and Felicia Fox. I had shot one of his peelers named Raven that night, the night prior I had shot one named Alexis, both of them first time in front of a camera. This was a Saturday night and I hung around til the club closed and Tim did all his manager stuff and Raven came to me and said “can me and Alexis spend the night with you tonight?” I had a room with a king bed so I said sure.

We all left and went for a late bite to eat and when I got back to the hotel with the girls it was about 4AM. I kicked back in the bed and turned on CourtTV to watch the forensic shows and unwind a bit, the girls decided they needed a shower before bed.

After about 5 minutes I hear the girls laughing and carrying on about spitting on each other…which is exactly what they are doing, giggling the whole while and carrying on as only 19 year old strippers do.

After a couple of minutes they have progressed from spitting to peeing on each other then Raven starts rehearsing the speech she is going to give when she wins an AVN Awarad for best oral scene.

48 yrs old, 4:30AM, 2 19y/o strippers in my hotel room about to come to bed with me and yes sex was expected…by them not me, in the shower spitting and peeing on each other and rehearsing an AVN acceptance speech. and Im thinking, NOBODY could have made this up, how do you explain a life like this to someone? Would Charles Bukowski be disgusted or awed?


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Surreal Moments In My Life

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