Sometimes My Life Is Kinda Cool

I’m sitting at home tonight and I get a call from Kira

Kira is one of Tim’s peelers. She is very cute, long very curley hair, Brazilian, 18 and if you look up the word adoreable in the dictionary there oughta be a picture of her.  I actually met her the night before I left a couple of weeks ago so we didn’t go out or anything but I asked her out the next time I was in town, and she agreed.

Well apparently I made an impression because if I dont call every day or two, she calls me.  She is very sweet.

During tonights conversation i told her I may come up in a couple of weeks, just for a weekend and to take her out.

Her response:

“If you did that I would melt like a popsicle on a hot day in July.”

Damn.  I thought I had the market cornered on corny sayings.

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Sometimes My Life Is Kinda Cool

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