Someone Needs To Learn A Lesson:

Robin Bougie, whoever that is wrote a bit on yesportal about pornstars escorting, the following is her summation:

“I guess the real question is – why don’t all porn stars escort? You can work as much or as little as you wish, choose who you want to fuck, spend as much time with the nice guys as you want, not have to put up with the likes of Brandon Irons and Max Hardcore, travel to other cities, and get paid for it! WOW! Could there possibly be a downside?

Um… hello? AIDS, anyone? HIV? how about all the other dire sexually transmitted diseases circulating out there? Have we all forgotten the events earlier this year? Do we really need every fucking porn star getting jabbed by any unwashed fucktard that has a grand to blow? Is it really such a positive thing to the girls then bringing whatever they got from that infested load into the porn community and spreading it around?

Damn… sometimes you just wonder if anyone has learned lessons from the past. “

Oh MY! Where to start….Robin seems to be living in some fantasy world where unprotected double anals, anal creampies and sex with former wards of the California penal system who couldn’t save a grand to blow anyplace but up his nose, is somehow safer than protected plain old everyday sex with Joe America.

Apparently Robin is one of the “fucktards” (That’s her word not mine) that is under the impression that the industry testing facility that doesn’t even use approved testing methodology will somehow prevent HIV, AIDS, and “all the other dire sexually transmitted diseases circulating out there”. Never mind that about every two weeks Porn Valley gets an outbreak of Chlamydia and/or Gonnorhea. Never mind that no pornchick I know of has unprotected sex as an escort.

Apparently some of the poorn chicks have learned lessons from the past and have chosen the safer route of escorting as oppossed to unprotected sex with guys who will work for a bong hit.

Hey They Like Me!

I have been nominated twice for the best of the best of the internet, is nominated for Best Male Personality, well actually Mike South is…and is nominated for best cumshot site. Southernbukkake is the only site nominated in that category that is NOT back by a large affiliate program.

Male Personality has a nice ring to it….Hope I win, I plan to be in Quebec for the awards…Heres my competition

Nominees for Male Personality of the Year (20 nominees)

Aaron Mathew, Aaron Mathew Productions
Boneprone, BP4L Familly Media
Bradshaw, SIC Cash
Brian Barnett, XXX Press Toys
Derek Smout, Content Guys
Eric aka Red Eye, Playboy Cash
Eric J White, Virtual Reality Innovations
Evil Chris, Triple X Cash
Greg “Quagmyre” Tiege, Adult Biz Power
Halcyon, Flash Cash
Jonathan Silverstein, Content Blowout
Kevin Godbee, Adult Chamber . Com
Mike South, Mike South
Mikel, Slick Cash
Monaro, Xnations Webmaster Board
Platinum Dave, Platinum Bucks
Rob Contaldi, Adult Bouncer
Sleazy Dreams
Tanker, Soul Cash
YNOT Bob, YNOT Masters

As you can see I am in there with the heavy hitters of the adult internet who’s who. I am preoud too! Y’all wish me luck!


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Someone Needs To Learn A Lesson:

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