Shooting HiDef:

I love the guys chiming in on this whole hi def thing….heres a few thoughts:

John Stagliano said he didn’t think people wanted to see porn chicks in THAT much detail. That one amused me, see High def is roughly about 2000×1000 pixels. Well welcome to the world of porn on the net John, we have been shoooting 2 times that resolution and higher for years, you guys may not know how to light a set for that kind of resolution but lots of us do.

Which brings me to the lighting aspect, it is a lot different, flat lighting will not be very complimentary to the performers in High def, those imperfections are gonna be a lot more visible.

But the funniest thing to me is how many people in porn cant even shoot with a standard DV camera, you guys see it all the time and you just figure its bad framing and it is, but it isnt bad because the guy cant frame the shot, it’s bad because he doesn’t know what he is doing. See he may be framing the shot perfectly in terms of looking at his little flip out viewfinder but what he doesn’t know is that what he sees is NOT what he is getting. Theres a thing every editor knows about called a “safe zone” The safe zone is what actually shows up on a standard TV. and its not the same as what the cameraman sees on his on camera screen, its smaller, that’s why you see feet chopped off and tops of heads in what should be a wide shot, the cameraman thinks he has em in there.

How does this translate to HiDef? well if they can’t shoot standard DV, Hi Def isn’t going to be any easier.

True what JimmyD and Quaz say about Hi-Def players not being available (only computers and computer derived players can play high def) but truth is everyone in the cable and PPV biz wants Hi-Def so its a good time to be shooting it. Now say what you will about the Sony FX HDV camera but it or its descendants will almost certainly become the defacto high def camera for porn.

Now whats all this mean to porn, it’s best summed up this way….remember some guy once said that if you gave 1000 monkeys 1000 typewriters in 1000 years they would bang out the complete works of Shakespere..or something like that….

Just because you give those 1000 monkeys much more sophisticated typewriters (like word processors) doesn’t mean they will type all that shakespere any faster….figure it out.

Sometimes This Job Really Doesn’t Suck:

Thats my friend Tiffany, you may recognize her from back in the summer when I took some pics of her when she was in Mexico Beach with me. I have said many times that I didn’t think there was any such thing as a 10. Tiffany is probably as close as anyone will ever get. She is all natural, no tats, flawless and a real pleasure to work with. I shot these photos to get her into the Hooters Calendar.

One thing I can say about Tiffany is that no matter what I tell her to do (like wear red lipstick) she may voice protest once but when I tell her to do it anyway she trusts my judgement and I think the pictures speak for themselves. She is truly a pleasure to be around.

Even in this line of work it’s rare that I get the opportunity to shoot a girl as pretty as this one.

Tiffany reads this site and she loves feedback so if you feel so inclined email me and I will pass your comments along.

For more pics of Tiffany (These are raw unedited shots) CLICK HERE

Thanks Tiffany Yer the BEST Baby…You know I love ya!

Happy Valentines Day

In The Interest Of Keeping You Guys OUT of The Doghouse:

Tim Case and I have the TOP TEN List of things NOT to give Your Girlfriend for Valentines Day:

10. A gift Certificate to Jiffy Lube
9. Tickets to “the Big Game”
8. A Bowling Ball
7. A Sybian
6. A Fishing Rod
5. A subscription to Hustler
4. A membership to a swingers club
3. Crotchless Panties
2. A Saddle
1. “Contract Star”

Porns Favorite Metal Band Won a Grammy Last Night:

That’d be fixture Lemmy Killmister and Motorhead for best Metal Performance.


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Shooting HiDef:

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