Sex Without Love

Friday night I ‘m in Dayton, hanging out in Tim’s office, as usual, enjoying what was to be my last night in town and spending time with my friends. One of Tim’s dancers came into the office, I have known her for a while, I won’t use her real name here so lets just call her Diamond, every club has a  Diamond.

Diamond is a recovering heroin addict, she parks her twenty one year old body in my lap and asks what I’m doing later.  I shrugged it off and answered “nothing really”. She asks if she can come spend the night at my hotel with me after work.  I told her sure she could, I get that a lot from the peelers, about half the time they actually do spend the night, the other half they end up elsewhere,  I figure they are hedging thier bets, just in case.

Diamond does end up following me to the hotel at around three AM, her car makes a lot of noise, it’s obviously on it’s last leg.

She follows me into the room and immediately heads for the bathroom, asking if it’s Ok if she takes a shower.  I appreciate it when they do that, dancers generally smell like the club.

I put on some boxer briefs and a T shirt and get in bed and turn on the TV, not much to watch at four AM, but I was just passing time anyway. I really wasn’t even thinking about sex.

Diamond gets out of the shower, she is pretty, in that dancer kind of way, getting off the horse has filled out her face and her boobs and added a few more pounds than she should probably be carrying, but it beats the white horse any day.

She lets down her long almost black hair and climbs into bed with me, looks at me and she says you know we are going to fuck.  It isn’t phrased as a question. She tells me it’s been too long for her.

We did and after about an hour we rolled over. She tells me it’s nice to sleep in a bed instead of on a floor.  I didn’t ask.

I reflected on the last hour.  It wasn’t passionate, neither of us really has any feelings one way or the other about the other one, we just wanted sex, or rather she did and I was certainly game to go along.

I think the net result was that we each used the others body to masturbate ourselves.

Yes, that pretty well sums it up.

I guess it really was sex with someone I love after all.

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Sex Without Love

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