Serenity A Mommy:

Not only did she make the Hall of Fame this year, she and Steve are the proud parents of a brand new bouncing baby…well…baby. ( They don’t want the particulars made public). Steve is beaming and Serenity is happy and all are healthy.

Congrats y’all! I can’t think of better parents than you guys.

Janine Doesn’t Love Rocco:

I’m sure that by now you have read all about this and as much as the cynic in me wants to see this as nothing more than a publicity stunt my gut says it isn’t. Apparently Rocco seems to think that cutting the tips off of the condoms he is suppossed to be using is acceptable behavior, even though Janine had told him that it isn’t.

Regardless, this comes down to the Director, just like in the Kylie story below. I will say this: If Rocco was on my set, and it was supposed be a condom scene and he cut the tip off of the condom…It isn’t Janine he will have to answer to, it’s ME. And it wouldn’t be pretty.

And while we are at it apparently Nick Manning likes to beat up chicks too, even after he has been told to cool it. Once again if that mother fucker pulled that shit on my set he will answer to ME.

I’m sick and tired of this bullshit, if you call yourself a fucking Director, take the fucking responsibility that goes with that title.

I Spent a Couple of Days in West Palm Beach:

It was nice, I love Florida, specially this time of year.

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Serenity A Mommy:

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