Save The Dolphin

I had the pleasure of taking the undoubtedly hottest (and smartest) girl in porn to dinner last Friday evening. I won’t name her because she writes for me and I fear her wrath, as I do that of all wymyn.

I have a little place in Hollywood beach where the seafood is very fresh and the atmosphere is like I like….a hole in the wall. It’s called Nicks on the Beach in Hollywood Beach. FL.

As we peruse the menu I ask this young lady If she knows what she wants for dinner. She responds that she is leaning towards fish. I suggest either the Dolphin or the Grouper as they are both indigenous and locally caught, ensuring freshness.

She is from California, naturally and is quite the animal lover, owning horses and having worked in the past at Petco, yada yada…

She seems a tad uneasy as she says; “I’m not really a vegetarian but I just couldn’t eat Dolphin.”

At first I’m a bit perplexed, then it occurs to me that she thinks they are serving “Flipper”, in other words dolphin the mammal not dolphin the fish.

It crosses my mind to fuck with her and tell her how I eat it all the time and its yummy, specially the part from the lateral line up to the dorsal fin and down the back, but I resist and explain to her that it’s not Flipper but what she might know better as Mahi Mahi or Dorado.

Dolphin The Fish

She ended up ordering it.I have to hand it to her though, she maintained her composure very well for someone who had to be APPALLED that people would eat Flipper.

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Save The Dolphin

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