Richard Sends This:

Another graduate from the Mike South School of Porn Acting: (From The NY Post)

CRUNKMASTER Lil Jon is expanding his resume. The rapper just started directing and acting in two “hard-core” Vivid videos with Latina porn star Mercedez, titled: “Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz Vivid Vegas Party” and “Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz Nightclubbin’.” While Lil Jon does “act” in the flicks, we are reassured he does not have sex but nonetheless seems to be “enjoying himself.” Lil’ Jon, we’re told by Vivid, “is quite the master player.”

That’s funny….thing is If Lil Jon is such the “Master Player” then howcum WE have to get him the chicks for his videos? How cum he always uses porn chicks…shit Lil Jon ain’t the one with game…he is just the trick…Jim South and Ben English are the Players…they supply the girls….

Player my ass….

Aaron Sent me This Picture:

And Tim Case Captioned it “The two most feared People in Porn”


Paul Fishbein Will Be on KSEXRadio Tonight:

5:00 PM PST and its free, theres a chat room as well. This one should be interesting.

Vandalia on Jay Leno…Sort Of:

porner: jay was interviewing jennifer garner
porner: ben affleck’s new chick
South1226: ya
porner: and she was talking about how she was going to use the name Vandalia for a project or something
porner: but when her people did a search, they discovered that the name was being used by a porn star
porner: so she decided against it

More Adult Expo:

OK so now it’s Saturday and I have no date to the AVN Awards, The thought crosses my mind to dress in my overalls and go barefoot taking a “RealDoll” as my date….I wonder If I’d have had to have had a ticket for her….

I love Asians…..anyhow the thoujght passed when Mark suggested that he had a friend in town who would DIE to go….I’m like sure why not. I didn’t know what to expect but at this point I couldn’t exactly be choosey….I mean at least Mark’s girl Vanessa had a heart beat….at least I was pretty sure she did.

I called Vanessa and asked her and she was gushing thank yous….hey it made her happy so I was pleased. She told me she was going to get her hair done, makeup done, nails done, buy a dress and a purse…She wanted me to be proud.

I figured a blind date beat no date.

And now the overalls were out for sure….

So I walked the show more and ran into Bob Verna.

Bob is one of the nicest guys and has been in porn longer than anyone I can think of. He is a veteran of Iwo Jima and has some fascinating and scary war stories. he may look homeless…But I hear he is rich! If ya ever get the chance to talk to Bob…do it and encourage him to tell some war stories.!

I also spot Tera without Evan in the background

Yup thats a wig on her head.

And My buddy

RobbyD conveying his thoughts on who will win Best Gonzo Series, Him or Jules Jordan (RobbyD won and deservedly so) or maybe he is trying to tell me his age…..

He is more congenial with twins on his arms…Ya they really are twins.

Carmen Luvana and yours truly…God she is cute…and such a great girl….all pornchicks should have her professionalism.

I got mesmerized in front of the Black Widow Booth

That’s a girl from the Ultra hot GGG Videos from Germany. I predict they will be the next big thing in Gonzo. Many Stores don’t know where to get them in the US so I spoke with their sales rep Lisa and got the following info.

If it is a store that is looking for GGG you can refer them the Jackson Supply
ph. 407-628-2024
address 784 Harold Ave. #102
Winter Park, FL 32789.
Contact BOB

I know Jackson Supply, Cori Love and I did a signing there once and they were wonderful to us I HIGHLY recommend them!

Thats for stores only….If individuals want to buy them check out

Heres a few boxes

Hit em up…they are nice folks

OK On to the AVN Awards.

Not knowing what to expect with Vanessa I am in the room getting ready and cutting up with Tim when I got a knock at my door. It was Mark delivering Vanessa to me.

Oh My God!

My first thought was she is stunning, my second was I am SO not worthy.

We went down to the car and took off for the Venetian I was making small talk and made a wrong turn even though I had been driving to the Venetian all week. Tim Case was following me and immediately calls my cell. “What the fuck are you doing South you idiot”

I told Vanessa that I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs and she looks at me with wonder in her eyes and says Oh My God I’m the one who is nervous, YOU are a celebrity!

Turns out she reads my site daily and knows a lot about porn and the people in it.

Now I’m even more nervous…I’m no celebrity, thats more shoe than I can fill…..

She is very intelligent, articulate and plain old nice not to mention stunning….and did I say she was beautiful?

In my whole life I have had only two girls in my presence that made me nervous…Vanessa is number two. I know when I am playing out of my league and on this one I felt like a I was racing a go cart at the Indy 500. But even when I am playing up a few leagues I give it my best shot….I think I flamed out on this one though…I think I was boring at best. She rubbed my hand when I lost my nom for Best Pro Am Video and she cheered when Digital Playground won anything, she likes them cuz we met in Adellas room prior to the show. She loved Jesse Jane too, but what’s not to love, Jesse treats everyone I have ever introduced her to like her best friend.

We were invited, as were Tim and Fifi, to sit with Las Vegas Novelties, that was quite an honor because Serenity was inducted into the Hall of Fame! Thanks Steve…I love you guys man!

Steve wonders out loud how I find such hot girls all the time…..This time was just pure dumb luck but I’d never tell him that.

RobbyDs girl in Repo Man beat out Fifi for best solo scene…Damn I was rootin for Fifi as was Vanessa.

After the show we went to dinner with Jewn and Sam and Adella and RobbyD and Jesse and Val and a few others at the Cafe Grand Lux. We bag on Jewn for winning “Best Packaging VHS” the only one of four that wasn’t RobbyD’s doing. Jewn took it well though even laughing at it himself.

The night was over and I went to bed with soft kisses lingering on my lips from Vanessa, she really made me feel like a million bucks but I knew in my heart that it was over if there was a chance it was now gone…Still it felt nice.

Tim, Fifi, Vanessa and me. It may be the best moment of my life, my best friends and we are all happy, OKOKOK maybe not the best but right up there with catching a trophy fish for sure

Another happy moment!

and with that I leave it till the final part.

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