Rescue operation saves a hedgehog


Rescue operation saves a hedgehog

Newspaper Bergens Tidende had called attention to the fact that a third of all hedgehogs end their days after a meeting with automobile tires. Two families decided to help one beat the statistics, and saved a spiny traffic victim with a determined effort.

Special Thanks Out to Adella:

Who is taking extra special care of me while I’m here in L.A. I havre no need that goes unfulfilled (OK get yer minds outta the gutter we really ain’t bumping uglies…not that I wouldn’t mind you but if I was I wouldnt write about it here….Ok well actually I would so that’s ho ya know we aren’t) Anyway Adella has been a doll baby so far and I am looking forward to arriving with my little date Jesse tonight. How fun.

Also Thanks to the Fine Film Makers at Digital Playground:

Joone and Sam for letting me use the LAN to do these updates. RobbyD for letting me base out of his office. Cam Smith (who isn’t at Digital) for sending over Tyla to play with me…what a little hottie she is.

Den says “BEST HOUR YET!”:

From: Den <[email protected]>
Subject: Fifi & Tim & Mike South

Thanks guys for the best hour yet on your very fine radio

I was laughing my ass off!



Thanks Den, that makes me feel really good man…yer the best and I also know if it was sucky you’d say exactly that. When Den praises me I know it’s good because Den doesn’t BS, he tells it like it is.

Rob Responds:

hey mike,
hows it going, i figured i would respond to PJ’s claims, feel free to print it if you like. i really dont care about defending us to everyone else, but i do want you to know the truth…

I justt read PJ’s letter and have this response.

“I have been in contact with Azure Entertainment for approximately over four months now with regards to using some of their talent for an adult talk show that is to be broadcasted over digital satellite, digital cable, and the internet. Over the past four months, I have in great detail discussed our company’s plan and the type of talent we were looking for. If you will, I have sold my credentials to the two talent coordinators that work for Azure”

ok, that is great… none of these credentials were shared with us and my opinion of one of those talent co-ordinators is not very high right now.

“The week before the meeting with Keiko, I spoke with Azure and they were to have sent two talents up that weekend to screen test for the roles. One of the girls was sick so they ended up cancelling and Lisa from Azure had set up another talent to screen test on Monday. However, in the mean time, the other talent coordinator at Azure decided to go ahead and book another talent for the same time that Monday. When I spoke Jodi that Monday morning, she informed me that Lisa (the other coordinator) is no longer with the company. So I was under the impression that Keiko would not be showing up since Lisa was the “agent” Rob referred to. Keiko did arrive that day and I asked her if her agent was let go and she was clueless. I told her to find out what was going on because I wasnt going to expose my company to a company and its employees who can’t seem to handle simple means of communication and coordination. Keiko and I agreed upon a time to meet.”

ok, now lets get this story straight, now whatever happened between him and Azure i dont know. however he told us on the phone that he didnt show up to our meeting because the other girls had not shown up so he didnt think she would, and he decided to babysit for his brother. he then informed us that he had heard Lisa was no longer with Azure… we talked to lisa and she said she was but worked from home now. to this moment we dont know the truth about what is going on with that situation. after waiting around the mall she was to meeting him at he finally returned one of her calls and told her all about the BMW thing and the “american porn idol” thing with vivid etc. and then to meet him at a nearby hotel and that he was going to interview her and the shoot a scene of her “going the extra mile for the part” for the audition, and that would be shown during the 6th week of the show and she would get paid for it if she got the part.

“With regards to the meeting, this girl shows up with her boyfriend. Not a problem until Rob decides he has to sit in on the interview process. I questioned her professionalism at that very point. Instead of it being an interview for her, it was an inquisition of my credibility. Now, I have no problems answering questions regarding the job, my experience and things of the sort, for the majority of the meeting all I heard was what could I do for her. Certainly not any
producer’s ideal candidate for any job. Certain things could not be discussed because I am under a non-disclosure agreement. If that was a problem for her, then do you wonder why we met for almost 5 hours?”

ok, now let me make a point of logic here. if this meeting had occured in the mall as originally agreed upon that would be one thing and i would have waited elswhere for her… but i was not going to have her go up to a hotel room by herself to meet with some no-name producer. anyone who is making such big claims should expect an inquisition of their credibility, and if they dont they are either egomaniacs or full of shit. it was not all about what they could do for her, it was about what would be expected and what his credentials are. we met for 5 hours to try to get a straight answer about anything. we asked him what his history was and who he shot with, he said he didnt know any of the movies that he shot as a camera man, and said he worked for a company i can find nothing about…

“At no point was it ever implied or even remotely suggested for her to do any video work at all. The terms of the host role was that should be selected, she would have to do some scenes that would be incorporated into the shows intro. She had the audacity to ask if she would be paid for coming up to interview for the job. What company in their right mind would pay anyone to interview for a job? BTW: the salary wasn’t $150k just for the record.”

yes, as i stated before about wanting to shoot her “going the extra mile” for the job. if what he was true why did he bring his Cannon XLR upstairs… to impress her? and she asked that if she was shooting that scene would she get paid, and he said he didnt have to pay to interview etc. and yes, he is right, im sorry it was 125k and a company BMW… btw… if you have a company BMW as you claim, why do you drive around in a ’97 mustang… oh yeah, “sentimental value”.

“find this part of his post quite comical. “He said in order to get the job she [K] would half to shoot a scene with him… this guy produced no paperwork on anything… we asked him, “ok how much would she get paid for the audition”… ” – Once again, at no time was scene discussed. If I remember correctly, she asked me if she would have to do any video that day and I told her she was under NO obligation until she was offered the role and had accepted. Needless to say, she wasnt offered the role. Also it was discussed how they expected to remain independent even if she was given the role so she could do whatever
work she wanted to which wasn’t acceptable. Add to it a discussion about the shady people in this business and how if they felt they ever got screwed over that he would go to Mike South and “burry” someone’s name. Then this quote from his post as well, “this guy set off EVERY level of my bullshit radar”. Then please explain the need for them to meet with me for ! close to five hours ”

the scene was not discussed once she made it obvious it wasnt going to happen. and actually she WAS offered the role, he told her she was his #1 choice so far and he would be in touch. he discussed a Exclusive contract where she would get paid per DVD sold instead of up front and how his girls make 100k+ a year off of those. i never said i would bury him in any way, that is just a downright lie. and i will state again… WE MET WITH HIM FOR 5 HRS BECAUSE HE SET OFF MY BULLSHIT RADAR!!! we wanted a straight answer.

“By the end of the meeting, I knew she didnt have the appeal and intelligence we were looking for in our host. Yet, I remained professional and courteous, thanked them for their time and offered to bring her back as a guest on the show once production begins. Told her I would be in touch with her by the end of the month with a decision. She happily agreed and left me with a number and told me any work I could throw her way she would be happy with.after discussing my meeting with her “agent”, Lisa and I agreed that she wasnt the right person for the part. I am glad to say that we have casted all of the roles successfully with talent that has acted in a much more professional and less demanding manner.”

this guy attcking Kei’s intelligence is a joke, the girl is a book worm, and more well read than he could dream to be. maybe that was the problem, she was too smart. funny he says he told her she didnt get the part… because all he said was she was his #1 choice and he had to meet with a few more girls about it, but she was top of the list. she did NOT ask him to send her any work…

“After Felicia told me about this morning, I checked out your site. I figured I would be mad but frankly, its nothing more than sour grapes from a wannabe film producer and his way too young looking girlfriend. My first inclination was to contact them and arrange a meeting with them and beat the shit out the boyfriend. But what would it accomplish? So I went one better. I contacted Keiko as she was en-route to Internext. Told her I disucssed with the company and that were interested in offering her the job and if she was still interested but they were concerned that her look was too young. Care to guess what her reply was? Yeah, she was happy about it and that she can look older. Surely she did not take the chance to apologize for the slanderous bashing her asshat had done but she was quite ok with saying she still wanted the job”

way too young looking, she says she will take that as a compliment considering shes 20, shes gonna look damn good at 40. im not even going to adress the violent comment… yes he did call her, he said she got the job and he fought for her although they felt she looked too young for the part. her respone was not being happy about it, in fact her first question was… “ok, now can you tell me who this was for and he told her he still couldnt but they would have a contract signing at internext and that she should have our lawyer present to negotiate. i was at internext, never saw him, never heard any sort of announcement, did you? and no she didnt apoligize… because she still thought it to be bullshit! and half expected a childish event like the one he mentioned considering.

“Now Mike, Im not sure what kind of relationship or friendship you have with this trailer park trash, but if you are interested in the truth then you have the truth now. This has become nothing more than some trick ass chick and her boyfriend thinking they are bigger than this business and that all his years of porn retail behind a counter, or should I use her words, “her vast amount of knowledge,” trying to strong arm someone who was willing to give her a chance to make a name and make some money for her self that apparently the troll would be leeching off to start his own production company someday only to find out that myself and my company would not cave in and kiss her ass. For someone who was in the business for a year and then killed off her character because of personal problems and has only been back in this busines three weeks (according to them), she made too many demands. Now Mike, if your potential talent demands to see bank accounts, proof of sponsor’s invest! ments and things of the such, do you cave in and expose your bottom line to your talent or do you have them hit the road?”

ok, this just gets sad… now we start with more personal attacks. and no we dont think we are bigger than the business, but we expect people who are upfront and honest, not who talk like used car salesmen. she went by a different name for three months not a year and changed it for several reasons one of which being a stalker at her old work. she made no demands other than to see some form of proof that he was not bullshitting us, and could provide some references. and shes in this business for herself, hence why she does not do a shoot she feels uncomfortable with. i dont need her money for my productions, i have my own money, pure and simple, and i dont need false pretenses to get a blowjob. only thing he mentioned that i ever saw was a website called which was about *gasp* girls who were told they were auditioning for a big contract and fuck and suck for it, and it doesnt exist… sounds familiar… smooth. the site is down now, probably because he knew it would expose hes full of it. but when people say that they are sponsored by BMW and Vivid and all this other shit they should expect people to ask questions, any girl who doesnt question that doesnt belong in porn.

“Now it is my hope that your refrence to me being a “scumbag” was because you didnt have all sides of the story. If Rob and his skank are your friends and you are just looking out for them, I can understand that to a point but to insult and criticise without all the facts is pretty irresponsible. I have not run across you yet in this business and the site looks nice. Havent checked it all out but I like what I have seen. Its good that there seems to be a site that exposes the shady producers in the business but it appears as if this time, its the talent is the asshole this time.Feel free to post this email on your site and let your viewers see all the facts if the truth is what you are interested in.”

well not much to say here, i will say this for him, this guy is a great talker and even better at talking in circles…. and kissing ass. sour grapes, my friend if this wasnt bullshit we still wouldnt want anything to do with you or your productions.if its real then im sorry i said it wasnt, and i wish you the best in it. you have given no reason to think its true, and i still doubt it is.. like all things i believe it when i see it, but at the moment i still say its a work.


I know Rob and keiko and I like them, they have been straight up and cool with me, I have no knowledge of gator Bay Productions but I will let your words speak for themselves and I still and always will maintain that anyone who expects a “free” or even a paid audition that involves anything other than a few nude polaroids and some dialogue is a scammer.

there, got that off my chest.. if you have any knowledge that hes for real please let me know and i will apoligize. now, anyway… i cant belive im saying this but… i cant wait to get to LA/LV, i gotta get out of fl so i dont have to deal with the people down here for a bit. i have respect for you and jon stern right now… other than that.. i need out of here!! btw my mom says she remembers you from your Cocoa Beach days… remember Robin, Tammy or Gail xxx? That shit creeps me out, lol. anyway, good luck in LA, lemme know how things are out there, since soon enough im gonna be enjoying the City of Angels (insert comment, laugh or snicker here). Kei hi, and says she thought you were one of the nicest guys shes met and funny as hell, we look forward to seeing you again.

Thanks man and those names to sound vaguely familiar….I wanna talk more about that call me bruddah!

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Rescue operation saves a hedgehog

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