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I just want to say thank you to the person that sent this to me and to everyone who sends these letters.  They don’t go un-noticed  I appreciate getting them and I just want to say to everyone, thank you for your support
“With everything that is going on…and for everything that you are trying to do to help out with all of the various situations.
I just wanted to say…..Thank you Mr. South.
BTW…I hope that you are doing well and taking good care of yourself.
How are you doing with your broken leg/ankle situation?…are you still doing any sort of physical rehab?

The leg is healed and I am back to doing most of the things I could do before, I am out of rehab but it looks like the knee will have to be replaced this winter, the break caused severe arthritis.

Have things healed up properly and how is your ability to get/walk around?

I know that now might not be the right time for a public/website update on your condition..but if I’m wonder…I guess that a few others might also be wondering.


I do appreciate your asking, Thank You!     I’m gonna be just fine,  I’m a tough old bird I guess 😉

Thank you VERY MUCH for all of your many website updates……porn biz related, Gulf fishing related and just everything
Thank you for everything!
Take care and stay safe.




You are very welcome, and thank you!

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Reader Mail

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