Playboy Radio Is Back:

Now on Sirus Satellite, best wishes to my pal Farrell over there, knock em dead dude.

As Most Of You Prolly Know By Now:

My hometown newspaper has done a feature and a cover story on me. It’s called Creative Loafing It’s an honest piece and you can read some of it on their site at click on Atlanta, Thanks you to Dave Cummings, Red Ezra, Adella, Dusty and Tim Case who have been kind enough to post positive things in the feedback there. I will post the full article here when they let me.

Just Some Random thoughts About the Show:

Rob Black was gracious in his acceptance of the Sturman Award, he even apologized to Paul Fishbein and others but he didn’t apologize for the shit he brought down on the industry, instead he paints himself as some freedom fighter…he is still a scumbag but I am going to give him props for one thing, he made a solemn vow to go the distance on this, no matter what it takes. Swore that he would never cop a plea or roll over. If he does in fact keep that promise I for one will give him props for it. He has a long way to go to mend the fences he tore down but I suppose thats as good a first step as any.

Larry Flynt Said:

That we have a right to be left alone. I like that.

I Took A Couple Of Girls With Me To The Show:

One in particular went through an amazing change, the most drastic I have ever seen in a five day period, it wasn’t bad it was just fascinating, as she put it she “blossomed” and in reality she did. She isn’t a porn chick so I don’t know how I can tell her story and keep her trust so I guess that will be one for some other time.

Speaking OF I Have To Give Mad Props:

To Raven and Giga, both were perfect. The best girls I have ever brought to the show, bar none! Thanks Raven and Thanks Giga, I love you both very much.

17650cookie-checkPlayboy Radio Is Back:

Playboy Radio Is Back:

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