On The Road To Hillsborough NC

You ask “What in the wide world of porn is in Hillsborough?”. Indeed, none other than the biggest porn company in the USA. Adam and Eve.

My friend Paige and I had a little business with the mail order giant so we headed up on Monday afternoon. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we knew we were a long way from home.

On checking in I wasn’t even asked for my ID, the room was prepaid so I could have been anyone. Now I know some you you city dwellers are appalled at this but truth is, I like it, it’s nice to know there are still places left in this country where people have a little trust, where you aren’t assumed to be a criminal even if you are wearing a cap that says “ASSHOLE” across the front. I like country folks.

Paige and I got settled in and decided to head out and grab a bite, being there isn’t much in Hillsborough we headed up towards Durham, found a Japanese hibachi place and had dinner. There was a couple seated next to us.

They looked to be maybe seniors in high school, maybe freshmen in college, what Paige and I noticed was that the girl was clearly ready to give it up, she had all the body language, the works, the guy was clearly uncomfortable, he didn’t have a CLUE that he was just a simple, smooth move away from his goal.

Why is it that we never learn to read the signs until it’s way too late? That kid isn’t really any different than most grown men I know Tkae my little brother.

My little brother, my nephew, my dad their respective wives and I were recently eating together and the waitress, a cute little high school girl CLEARLY put a move on my nephew. My little brother suggested that my nephew pull his money out of his pocket, flashing it to her and suggest they go to a “Picture Show”, and he was serious!

I couldn’t help it, I had to say something…Which came out as: “did that lame ass move ever work for you?” My nephew who was clearly uncomfortable began to smile…I looked at my nephew and I said dude, if you ever need advice on how to approach a girl PLEASE call me.

My brother and his wife went apoplectic…oh hell no you stay away from him….sigh.

My nephew looked at me and nodded though…smart kid…He knows his uncle might know a better approach than you wanna go to the picture show…

But I digress.

Tuesday we headed over to the corporate headquarters of Adam and Eve….I expected the operation to be big but just damn…it’s HUGE they have about 350 employees and a giant office complex.

Katy Zvolerin meets us at the front desk. Katy is a lot more low profile than some of the other PR peeps in the biz, she is tall, with a great body and a pretty smile and looks at LEAST ten years younger than I learned her real age is. She walks with a soft sway in her hips, always wears low cut jeans that accentuate her small waist and long legs and she has that very confident yet casual style. The two words that describe Katy best…cool confidence

Katy shows us the operation and then takes us to Meredith. There’s something about Meredith that tells you she is just flat out fun. She smiles all the time, cuts up and is playful, she is more into sexy clothes and hair than the cool confident look of Katy…they actually make a great team.

We spend the rest of the day in meetings, I won’t elaborate but I have something I think they need and they have something I think I need. We will just leave it at that.

You ask…Ok South so who is this Paige chick you have alluded to…just wait guys…you WILL know soon enough.

As for Adam and Eve I want to personally thank Katy and Meredith for making us feel good, making sure we had a good time, taking care of us and spending time with us, I expect good will come out of it for all.

I Also want to thank all the folks over there we met who took a little time to be nice to us. specially Brian who endured a grueling barrage of questions from the girls over dinner…questions about his sex life…particularly anal sex with his girlfriend(s)…chicks want to know the weirdest things.

Tomorrow…It’s off back home via Charlotte where we stopped in to see my little latina sensation Carmen Luvana and the fine folks at AEBN.

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On The Road To Hillsborough NC

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